Stevie King interview

Stevie King

Meet super talented artist Stevie King who’s about to release his debut single on the 18th August.

The Ecuador-born, UK-based talent showcases his hypnotic songwriting skills on the yearning and enchanting first release which clearly marks him out as one to watch.
Recorded at London’s Metropolis Studios, the track’s mature and delicately plotted sound – calling to mind the likes of The War On Drugs and Midlake – shows what riches are to come from the 21-year-old. With its restrained riff and the driving rhythm of the chorus, Stevie paints a picture of a life spinning out of control.


Your a self taught musician, when did you first pick up the guitar? Who inspired you?

Q1. I was inspired by David Gilmour & Jimmy Page. I used to listen to those guys play every day and learn about their skills, techniques and show performance. Truly breathtaking musicians, the best in my opinion.


How would you describe your music?

Q2. My music is very melodic, it encourages people to sing the songs.


Who are your musical influences?

Q3. When writing I take a lot of inspiration from James Bay & The Killers. I like how both styles mix.


Are the any artists in the charts at the minute you’d like to work with?

Q4. I would love to work with Kygo, he has a lot of vision.


What songs are your playlist right now?

Q4. I would love to work with Kygo, he has a lot of vision.


You’ve been recording at Metropolis studios how long have you spent recording? What was it like going into the studios for the first time?

Q6. I had 3 sessions in Metropolis Studios. The studios are beautiful with so much history. Being able to record at Metropolis is a dream come true. Especially, as an Ecuadorian artist.


Would you write for any artists should the opportunity come up?

Q7. Yes, I would definitely like to write some songs for other artists. I would like to write songs for female artists if the opportunity arises.


Do you have an album in the works?

Q8. I do, it is called Dreams of Thunder. It is still in writing stages, first, we need to take each step at a time.


Any live shows coming up?

Q9. Hopefully, when I am back in London we can start thinking of a small tour in the UK.

For social links: @steviekingmusic