Big Brother review 2 Big Brother live secret eviction Monday the 3rd of September 2018

Big Brother review 2 Big Brother live secret eviction Monday the 3rd of September 2018

Review by Lebm

Eviction night no4 Monday night’s eviction was a very different eviction. We arrived at Elstree studio at 6:45 pm, that was our time we had to be there as we had guest list tickets, the applause store team was waiting for people to arrive at the eviction and helped you get to where you needed to be and what queue you needed to be in, we had to go to the first queue as we had guest list tickets, as the applause store team scanned our ticket, gave us a raffle ticket to secure our place in the queue and looked through our I.D they then gave us a leaflet to read and also explained that it was a late one.

I liked the fact they explained that it was a late one because we may have had to leave early and you can’t just leave a live tv show, I also liked them asking for I.D as it made us feel safe that they knew were there in case of an emergency and obviously knew our age and knowing kids won’t come in and ruin the experience, as we were all set to queue we then read the leaflet what then explained that it was a surprise eviction which meant we had to be very quiet so we didn’t give it away as the housemates had no idea what was going on. After reading the leaflet we got very excited as it was all going to be a surprise, so it made us very excited and wondering how they would do it.

We then qued for about an hour so people could get there and get qued before going through security, we found this boring because it was a long wait, nothing to do and our legs started to hurt but we then noticed people had sat down on the floor to wait so it wasn’t all that bad. We then went through security where woman had to go to the left and me to the right, men searched men and woman searched woman, we felt safe knowing we had been searched and searched by the same sex because if anyone brought or was planning to do something they would be able to do so as it would have been confiscated, some people basically had to empty there bags as they had lots of food, during and strange objects in their bag, we noticed that some of the security was rushing there searches. We then had to queue for another hour but had to queue in absolute silence which was hard for some people as they were too excited or just load in general, this was quite boring as the queue was such a long wait, and doing it in silence made it harder but exciting at the same time. We then got took into the studio where the head of security stood us in our positions we went in, in ticket order so from the guest list to priority to general, we had to do all of this in silence.

An entertainer called Gav came out in which we didn’t notice as everyone and everything was in silence, the poor guy had to try his very best to entertain us whilst being quiet at the same time as he didn’t want to give it all away and ruin the surprise eviction.

He then in sections had to tell us about the rules and procedures and fire safety i case of any emergency with was really hard to hear him as he had to whisper it all, he came up with a game where it was based on a task in big brother he chose two people to come on the stage and impersonate an animal and gave them both a big brother t-shirt for doing such a good job we did all of this in silence, which was so hard because you wanted to laugh and clap etc during this time we were allowed to take pictures and selfies till big brother lockdown, this is where you have to turn your phone’s off or on silent and put them away because Emma Willis was coming out to introduce herself and run through a few adverts clips and scripts she was going to say in the show.. We all still had to be so silent. As Emma came out she was also so quiet and waved at everyone and mimed something like its so quiet, she then disappeared behind a curtain behind the stage where she filmed a clip for during the adverts. She then had to start the show speaking very quietly to the viewers at home and to the crowd, it was so confusing as we didn’t know it had started.

The main event: So after we had realised it had started we then watched the show on the big screen and viewers at home watching it on their tv, it was so hard watching it because you didn’t dare speak about it to whoever you were with or laugh at funny buts as you didn’t want to give the surprise away, and was also hard to know when Emma was talking to the views at home and the crowd. Through the adverts, Gav came back out and tried to do another game where he got two more people out the crowd to impersonate two more animals then gave them a t-shirt for doing so well in utter silence. He even said himself how bored he was and how frustrating it all is because he didn’t want to give any of it away, the show then came back on, it was pretty much the same till eviction all was so quiet,

Eviction time… Emma came back out where she looked so excited because she was about to talk to the house, the poor housemates were having a well-deserved party. She then stood up and said “big brother house this is emma” just as she said this we all went crazy everyone was screaming so the housemates then knew what was happening and all was so shocked! Then Jermaine got evicted, it all happened so quick we didn’t really hear what was happening, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, as he came out he got floods of boo’s but we cheered him as he wasn’t all that bad. Jermaine basically walked out the door, had his pictures taken by the press, then Emma takes him in for his interview in the eye. We couldn’t really hear his interview as people was still going wild taking advantage of being able to shout again!!! Jermaine’s interview was rather boring, you couldn’t really hear a lot and he just seemed to get a grilling about a former housemate beamed Chloe, I personally think the interviews should be a bit of everything mainly the best bits unless they’ve done something so bad that needs clarifying!!! Emma then came back out, thanked us all for watching and told us she would see us again on Fridays show. We was then taken out by the security section by section. The head of security was very polite thanking everyone for coming what I found very polite.

Pros . A very exciting evening.

Amazing view.

Lovely lit up studio .

Water provided .

Toilets (porterloos)

Cons . Didn’t dare make a noise.

Couldn’t really hear the entertainer .

Everything done in silence .

Queuing for a very long time.

Wasn’t too sure on what was going off I personally loved the show, it was very exciting and made the experience more enjoyable just got confused a few time but all in all had a great night