Sam And The Womp Interview

Music Promotions recently spoke with Sam and The Womp about their big new single Ice Cream, songs they wish they had written, upcoming live shows and much more see the full interview below and check out their music video.


Does Ice cream man set the tone for your upcoming music?

Yes the big brass and bass sound is always present in our music we love fusing Dub and Drum n Bass together. We are working on more material in the same vein as well as 4 to the floor Balkan inspired bangers! Not all our music is as jokes as Ice Cream Man but all have a fun element!

What is the inspiration behind Ice cream Man? 

Following a huge devouring of ice cream in Camden Town we were inspired to write the song! We all have a favourite Ice Cream flavour!

When will you be releasing an album? 

We tentatively planning around  Xmas time! We already have 12 tracks released individually and they are up on our Spotify as a playlist this will give everyone a good idea of what our album will include.

What has been your biggest career high so far? 

The UK number 1 back in 2012 with Bom Bom was unbelievable and life changing. So many great times on the road but the tour to Australia in 2013 was the most glamorous!

Will you be performing at any shows for the rest of the summer/year? 

We looking forward to performing this weekend at Witcombe Festival alongside Ella Eyre and Sigma. And we plan on doing a pop up gig in an Ice Cream Van very soon! But we are indeed coming to the end of the silly festival season gigging every weekend in a different part of the country! We are playing a cool night on 2nd November at Lea Hall, Staffordshire with The Renegade Brass Band and have some more dates to announce soon.

Who inspires your music? 

The madness of everyday life inspires and well as our close musician friends. The fusion of genres is key. We love Miles Davis, Goran Bregovic, Bjork, Major Lazer, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Chase n Status

What music are you currently listening to? 

Currently on a massive Dub and Jazz vibe listening to a lot of Swiss trumpeter Erik Truffaz but also our new collaborator Jstar – his Ice Cream Man remix is out on 31st August and is super!

What one song in the charts do you wish you’d have written? 

Tom Jones What’s New Pussy Cat !

What’s coming up next for you? 

We are hard at work mixing Bloom’s solo album – sounding amazing and sultry. Bloom’s 1st single will come out this Autumn.

Any final messages? 

This has already been an amazing year for us and we would like to thanks all our friends and fans for the support of Ice Cream Man and the video was the most fun to make so far!