Brooke Law Interview

Stylish singer songwriter Brooke LAW chats with Music Promotions about her music, gigging, best advice she has been given and her advice for aspiring artists plus much more see the full interview below.

What is the Story behind your single ‘Don’t Say it’s Love’?

Don’t Say It’s Love is about being free and confident with where you are and not rushing into anything because that’s the norm. Enjoying the moment and not getting wrapped up in anything too soon.

You’ve been writing with some big name producers recently will we be hearing these songs as part of an EP or full album?

There are no famous names (though I’m sure they will be soon..) In this EP I wrote with my friends Tylr Rydr, Sophie Lxs and July Jones.

Who inspires you as a song writer?

People I meet everyday inspire me

What is a typical studio/songwriting and recording day for you?

I’ve not been in the studio as much because I’ve been working a lot in event hospitality to pay the bills.. but a typical studio day would always start with some Zumba, I’d put on some tunes for the road- cool sounds to get me thinking about production.

To start the session we’d talk about concepts, annoyances going on, and life in general lol. I’d always bring snacks but we’d wait till we get the verse and chorus written till we go for lunch.

What advise would you give to aspiring singers?

To not care what other people think and do the music you love.

What has been the best piece of advice you have been given?

To never give up.

From looking at your Instagram your very stylish would you like to branch out into fashion with your own brand alongside the music?

I actually have my own Tshirt design to go with the EP. The brand is called Cellz and the design symbolises that we all come from the same place.

I’m generally really into fashion, I like mixing indian prints with comfy high street and I love charity shops.

Social media is a very powerful tool that we have do you think it’s easier to get your music out into the public now?

I think it’s definitely easier for artists to take control and promote themselves but I also think social media is encouraging us to have unrealistic beauty goals.

Have you any tours coming up to support your music?

No but I’ve just started gigging with my band so we are on it, and will have dates soon.

Anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked?

The EP is called Archetypes and each song represents a different archetype of a women.





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