Music Promotions speaks with Vidorra about Hook Up The Bass, beginning in music, owning a record label, career highs and much more see the full interview below.

Talk us through your single ‘Hook Up The Bass’? The story behind the song?

I was in a very reflective state. The song was created one evening while I was by myself, listening to the guitar sample on loop. The song represents the joys of living life, and that overcoming adversity over time will lead to happiness the you can’t even imagine right now, shared with the people who really matter to you, and also new people from around the world! I want to share this with the world and I want people to have the greatest time when they hear the song, whether lost in beautiful thoughts, or having a great time with friends, and soon live with me energising the crowd!

How did you get your start in music?

At the age of 7 I begged my parents to allow me saxophone lessons, and by 8 I was learning drums and piano too! I was very fortunate to have that opportunity, and since then I had an extreme focus and passion in music. By the age of 11 or 12 I was wanting to run a Record Label, before I even knew the meaning of one, and now I do! At the age of 13 I got into electronic music production as it was always a process that was unknown to the public, and created music that I really felt, but did not understand as yet, and that drew me in to it. I contacted a sound engineer in my area, Matthew Ball, to teach me the ropes, and we still work together today! We mixed ‘Hook up the Bass’ together! I love being in the studio with him. It has taught me the importance of building genuine relationships with people and the true greatness you can achieve through interdependence! I love how we bring our skills together in the studio to create something bigger than us.

You set up your own record label do you have any artists signed to your label or is this something you plan to do at a later stage?

My brother is an extremely talented creative too, and features on multiple tracks of mine as a vocalist, under the title ‘Guglu’. He is the first official addition to the What She Order roster, but for now his focus is features on my music. Expanding the roster is something I am beginning to do as I venture into the world of music, however I would like to build a stronger foundation to really enable artists from all over the world before I make the label a primary focus.

Do you find you have more creative control with having your own label was this always the way forward for you?

Yes having my own label has always played a huge and exciting role in music for me. It most definitely enables creative freedom, and allows you to build a team and enable great people around you to create based on principles that are important to you and them. I believe it’s a much more sustainable and long term investment for myself and those involved, and hopefully will be the hub of great music for years to come. As a team we are much stronger than just me myself! ‘What She Order’, is most definitely a team rather than just a label looking to sign artists. If you work and create with me, you are a part of ‘What She Order’!

Your music has received a huge response from online streaming does this add pressure for future releases to keep up that kind of reaction?

No pressure at all. I have faith in myself and those around me. I do this purely for a purpose of great feelings and music shared with people, and that is the only way I see it!

Who inspires your music?

Many artists over the years have shown me amazing things and inspired me. To name a few:

– Diplo, with his abstract approach to the industry and boundary – less production.

– Kanye West, for constantly shaping the creative industry in so many fields, for me primarily music and fashion.

– Young Thug, for being weird. I love his vocal style, it’s got a focus on raw emotion, and he keeps to himself. he doesn’t feel the need to talk too much, he just focuses on the work.

– Travis Scott, he has put in amazing work in production, recording vocals, and especially live shows. They are extremely inspiring.

– More recently Freddie Mercury, James Brown, Michael Jackson – I group them together because they all had such incredible presence and contributed boundless amounts of creativity and energy to music in their records and on the stage.

If you could work with any artists on a future single who would you like to work with?

More recently having worked with Guglu, my brother, more closely, I feel the best collaborations arise when you click with someone on a personal level, so my perspective on collaborations has changed a lot. However,  I would love to work with Kanye West. I feel a lot of my work may resonate with him and he is a creative wizard!

What music are you currently listening to?

Currently, in the afternoon I am listening to whatever I made in the morning, and in the evening I am listening to whatever I made in the afternoon! But alongside, I am listening to some Queen, Jack Ü and Eminem.

Have you any live dates coming up?

I currently do not but I hope to bring a real focus to live shows once I have more music out. Having a solid, extensive catalog of music is a real focus for me. However, I do this for that moment where you can share music with the people on a large scale and it makes the lives of everyone involved better, so live shows are a must, but I am patient and will wait until the time is right!

What has been your biggest career high points so far?

Throwing my own festival. I performed to a small group of people, and it went down perfectly. It solidified the vision of crazy and energy – infused live shows that I would like to create for people.

What is next for you?

More music, collaborations, live shows and much more art in general, including visual art, on a large and growing scale!