Claye interview

Some of you may have heard of Claye as a vocalist with some pretty big artists including Sean Paul, now is the time he lays down the music on his own with his new single Murda. 

Claye spoke to Music Promotions about his own music, working as a songwriter and producer, studio days, touring and much more.


You have worked with some pretty big artists including Sean Paul
How did you get started as a songwriter and producer?

I started at a young age in Jamaica but took it seriously when I migrated to the UK.

Can you tell us more about your new single Murda?
It’s a scorcher! lol. It’s a fusion of my musical taste and influences. The idea to do a
track like that came from watching the TV series (I love old films). I’m always in writer
mode and draw inspiration from everything. There’s a song/story in everything.

Was it a conscious decision to focus on your own solo career now was it something
you always planned to do at this time?
Yes, it was a conscious decision. No, it wasn’t always the plan. I just felt I had to do
my talent and career justice by exploring its full potential and A&Rs and friends used
to tell me to sing my own songs.

What is a typical studio day like for you?
Endless hours of turmoil lol. I will definitely start by burning some incense because I
believe in energies and that is to set the tone of my environment. Whilst doing so, I’m
listening to music I like. Then, the hours kick in.

Have you got an album ready for release?
Yes, the album is due to be released later in the year.

Are you currently writing for any more artists?
Yes, just a select few friends of mine in the industry but other than that it’s Claye.

What music are you currently listening to?
I’m listening to a lot of independent artists that you’ll never hear on radio. The music
is organic and fresh to me and it’s multiple genres.

Who influences you musically?
My influences are the music I grew up on. Fela Kuti, Keziah Jones, Luky Dube,
Pharrell Williams so much more and Hans Zimmer is definitely a huge inspiration.

Have you any live concerts/summer festivals coming up?
Yes, there are plans for live shows later in the year around the album release.