Martyna Wren


New to the sound of Martyna Wren? Martyna has worked with alongside big names including Jools Holland and Sir Micheal rice. To find out more about Martyna as a singer songwriter her current Ep, movie soundtracks and much more within this interview below.

Can you tell us more about Bigger Things?

Bigger Things is the first single to come from my soon to be released EP,  The Collector. It’s about overcoming the inner voice we can all have at times that tells us we’re not good enough,  letting the dust settle, taking a breath and trusting that we’re on the right path even when it feels like we’re failing.

Does this single set the tone for the EP?

I wanted every song on the EP to be uplifting so the message it carries is very typical of the EP. This is very much the ballad of the EP and features a beautiful live string quartet which you can hear throughout the EP. There are also some more upbeat country influenced songs that follow.

Can you talk everyone though the songs on the EP?

The Collector EP begins with Made. It’s an upbeat song about finding what lights you up rather than sleepwalking through life. Recent single Bigger Things is next, followed by the title track The Collector. The Collector is the most guitar driven (I write everything at the piano so this is quite unusual for me) and was written about how we collect ideas about ourselves and events from the past that we need to let go of. It also talks about how we’re sold the idea that we are incomplete and imperfect so that we are constantly trying to fix ourselves. I wanted the song to encourage people to show up as they are, and to celebrate who they’ve become.

Coming Up For Air is the fourth track on the EP and was written around the time my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It’s a song about holding on to grace and love when our world has been shaken. This song is very special to me and was the catalyst for writing the rest of the EP. The final track ‘Build Your World’ was written following a conversation with a friend who wanted to be a writer but felt that it was too late in life. I’m a big believer in it never being too late to do something and that if it’s calling to you, you should find a way to answer. All the songs were recorded at SMP in Holland, and have the same incredible musicians and producer so I was very lucky.

What is it like to work along side  Paul Carrack, Jools Holland and Sir Michael Parkinson and Sir Tim Rice?

Each of these events were very different but all unforgettable.  As a lyricist, meeting and performing for Sir Tim Rice was very special, he’s very easy to talk to and passed on some treasured advice. There was a moment at the second Paul Carrack gig where I was nervously playing a brand new song and I felt like the audience were really with me. He has such supportive fans, you can really feel the atmosphere.

Who inspires you as a song writer?

Lori McKenna has an honesty to her lyrics that floors me, I think she’s really special. Sarah McLachlan has always been a big inspiration to me, hearing her play was definitely an ‘A ha’ moment.  I also spent a lot of time listening to early Everything But The Girl and that’s definitely reflected in my writing somewhere.

What music are you currently listening to?

Sara Bareilles‘ new album is on heavy rotation at the moment, I also really like Lauren Daigle’s ‘Look Up Child’. Both albums are so beautifully written and produced.

If your music was the sound track to any film past or present what would you like your music to be featured on?

That’s such a tough question. Recent movie Eighth Grade definitely fits the message of the EP, the trailer alone made me cry.

Would you like to move into movies or are you primarily focused on music?

I would love to write soundtracks and songs specifically for films. Some of my favourite albums are soundtracks, there’s something really special about hearing a song when you’re completely absorbed in a scene.

Any live concerts and summer festivals coming up?

Yes, I’ve been invited to play Songfest this year which I’m really looking forward to. It’s a celebration of songwriting and is a really unique festival with a wonderful line up.

What is next for you?

The focus at the moment is on the EP release but we’re busy finalising my first visit to Nashville where I’ll be cowriting and playing some showcases. It’s all really coming together so it’s an exciting time.

Final messages?

Just that I really hope people enjoy the EP and connect with the songs when it’s released on June 7th.