Justin Jeso

The Grammy-nominated Justin Jesso has made a significant mark in the music scene. As featured artist and co-writer on Kygo’s global smash ‘Stargazing’Justin shot to prominence with over 500 million streams in less than a year. He then joined Kygoon his sold-out world arena tour before focusing upon his blossoming solo career with this year’s debut EP. As he toured Europe with Tears For Fears, the single ‘Getting Closer’became a Top 10 airplay hit across GSA.

Now Justin Jesso adds a new layer to his growing profile by sharing his new single ‘Let It Be Me’ with Nina NesbittIt’s dramatic widescreen electro-pop anthem in which Justin Jesso’s soaring vocals exude emotion and vulnerability. And in Nina Nesbitt, he’s found the perfect voice to amplify the song’s magnetic power.

This is the interview any changes you’d like making before it’s published tomorrow?

Can you tell everyone more about your new single? 

My new single is called Let It Be Me with my friend Nina Nesbitt.  I’m very excited to release it! I wrote it over a year ago and it’s what I’d say to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with…. it’s a special song to me because it’s was born out of my relationship with my ex. We both went through depression during the relationship and I wish I could have said something to her that through the good the bad and the ugly and everything in between you’re always going to need somebody…..so Let it Be Me.  It doesn’t matter better or worse let me be the one.

How did the collaboration with Nina Nesbit come about? 

We started talking about a feature for this song Nina’s name came up. I’d listened to some of her work and I was very excited when her name was brought up.  She happened to be performing in Los Angeles and so I went to see her show and she blew me away!  They had already sent her the song and she loved it which was very flattering!  We met after her concert and had a little chat which was when she told me she was down to do it so that’s kinda of where it started! Bizarrely we then realised we had a lot of friends in common, it was a really cool and organic experience which came together really seamlessly.

Have you any more plans to work together after this single? 

I am working with a couple of different people on collaborations and I’d love to do another one with Nina. I’m talking with KYGO about doing some other things too.

At the moment I’m really focused on this single and after that I hope to the release another single in September and a EP by the end of the year. 


What would say best describes your music? 

Emotional I know that’s not really a category but that’s what I’m trying to do with my music.  I want to influence people and get people to feel something – so if I have to classify it I would call it soulful emotional pop, one of my favourite things in the world is when I get messages from people about my music, I got a message from someone the other day – he said “I know you probably won’t see this but ‘Getting Closer’ has got me through some hard times from struggles with my girl to addiction problems. I’m happy and sober now and this song has helped me tremendously thank you for making the song and hopefully one day I can see you perform it live”. That is really why I do what I do – it’s for messages like that to influence and help people.

 Any tours coming up and or summer festivals? 

We are in the planning stages at the moment but hopefully by the end of this month we will have everything sorted, we have a few things already confirmed – on the 13th I have a show in Germany for a radio show and a tv show on the 15th. Then there’s a festival on the 20th it’s just a case of getting them locked in. 

We are hoping to do a bunch of shows around Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Prague, London, Norway and Sweden, we are looking to put it all together. 

What music are you currently listening to? 

I grew up on old soul like stevie Wonder, James brown, Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston that’s what I love I always go back to the classics, i also love John Legend, Ryan Tedder (I love him he is an amazing songwriter). I would say they are my biggest influences. 

Do you think that Social media and streaming make it easier or harder for artists to break through into music? 

I think it’s a double edge sword obviously the coolest thing for me is I can get direct feedback from people who listen to the music that is awesome, I think it can be crowded and there’s a lot of noise so it’s hard sometimes for incredible talented people to break through. It can be helpful and then other times because the of attention span being short  – it can also be hard to catch people’s attention and I don’t think the internet has made that any easier. 

Final words? 

I am so super grateful for everything, i got really lucky with stargazing that song and transferring from being a songwriter for many years to now doing what I have always wanted to do.

I was lucky enough with my last single Getting Closer doing really well and on radio too -that was an awesome experience.  I hope that people listen to the music and come to the live shows!!