THE MAGNETTES Interview and “SHAKES (Falling In Love)” out now

From supporting Kesha to releasing their own music who are The Magenettes?

What is Shakes (Falling in Love)”  about? Where will the be live next? Find out and much more in this new Music Promotions interview. #

Brief Intro:Northern Swedish pop outfit The Magnettes, consisting of front duo Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla and producer Tomas Bäcklund Tuneström, are back with their new disco/punk-single-  Shakes (Falling in Love)” out now via Digsin –  where 80’s drums meet angsty guitars and opera choruses.

Who are the Magnettes? can you tell us more about yourselves? 

We are a 21st century fuck pop band from the north of Sweden, a tiny little town above the arctic circle called Pajala. We’ve grown up together and toured all over the world. Our music is very energetic, anxious and needy but also kinda romantic. We don’t like fascists and creme fraiche in guacamole. We like Talking Heads, dogs and mayonnaise.

You opened for Kesha what was that like?

It was insane! It was an EXTREMELY HOT day in Milwaukee and we were staying at a cheap motel with barely any air conditioning, where people were yelling in the hallways and pounding on doors in the middle of the night. But on stage we were greeted by a crowd of people covered in glitter and they were all sooo hyped! We never met Kesha tho, but one guy asked Rebecka if she was Kesha backstage, she should’ve said yes….

Can you tell us more about your single Shakes (Falling In Love)?

It’s a very dramatic song about falling head first in love, kissing in the rain and that kind of shit we don’t really have time for anymore. Someone said it sounded like what the eighties thought it sounded like and we thought that was kinda spot on. But sonically we wanted it to feel like Baby spice and Bratmobile playing over “Dancing In The Dark”.

Do you have a new album or new material coming? If so, What can we expect from it?

We are working on a new album! We want it to sound very cinematic and like an album you listen to in a car on a roadtrip on repeat. There’s a lot of big feelings and it’s very good just y’all know.

Any collaborations in the pipeline?

No collabs right now. On our previous single KIM N KANYE we did our first ever feature with rapper Young Ash from New York. She’s a fucking boss and just oozes cool. We were lucky to have her first trip to Sweden be UP NORTH in Luleå for the music video. Please check her out and tell her we said hi!

Having performed at The Alternative Escape, have you any more festivals coming up?

We are doing mostly festivals this summer, in Sweden and Germany. Unfortunately not any in the UK this summer 🙁

What are UK audiences like?

They’re always very cool and sharp dressed and we feel like they are very into punk rock and like the raw energy of our show. It’s like they REALLY get us here. Last time we played in Brighton there were this gang of slightly older gentlemen who were came up to us after the show and were like “This is the most punk rock show we’ve ever seen!!!” and THAT really warms our hearts.

Are festivals different to venue gigs?

Yes definitely! Festivals are often very big stages and there are barricades and people are very far away from you, At venues or clubs you can break that wall between us and the audience and that is what we love about performing. We always get down in the crowd and we want it to feel like we’re all in this together. So we prefer club gigs.

When can we see you in the UK on your next headline tour?

Nothing planned right now but HOPEFULLY soon!!! We wanna see all our UK lovers.