5West Interview

Coming over from the US to support Boyzone on their farewell tour, 5West spoke to Music Promotions about joining Boyzone on their last ever your, making movies, touring and much more.

You made your first performance at the presidents ball, what was that like? 

It was super cool, it was intimidating because we come from America and our first performance is in South Africa we didn’t know what to expect but we took it for what it was and just had fun it exceed our expectations the crowd was insane it’s made us super optimistic for everything coming afterwards we got really excited after that.

Your single Stars About You which is out now, what is the story behind it? 

Stars About You for us its about the foundation pieces of the band we had just met each other in February and the next day we go into the studio and record Stars About You where we are saying what part are you singing? what’s your name? I mean it wasn’t to chaotic but it was a crazy experience and that song really means so much to us and our producer knew how to capture our vibe which was really cool as we only met the day before so we barely had any time together yet it was still perfect for us… as a group it’s a cool stepping song a great first song and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it and the next single. 

Is Stars About You a good description of your music? 

Its a good description of what our music is like it definitely, our sound is in it and we are looking to evolve… some stuff may be different and some maybe just like it it’s a good foundation to start with. 

How would you personally describe your sound? 

We are dance with high energy with a ton of harmonies it’s really cool because we have the all-singing melodies and at the drop of a hat anyone can say sing something right now acapella and we sing it all harmonised and it can sound really great that’s one of the things we like to do to showcase  the song. 

Are you working on a EP or full length album? 

We are working on a EP right now but not a full album yet we are not sure when that will be done but we have been recording a lot of songs in the studio fine tuning and deciding which ones will be on the EP.

Having stared In Star Trek Into Darkness would you like to star in any more movies? 

Before music I was an actor (Jon Paul) I dabbled into it a bit but that’s really it I just did a few things and realised the music industry is more my thing. 

Would you like to star in a movie as a band? 

Kind of like how the Spice Girls had their own movie we’d love that, that would be so cool. 

After the Boyzone tour what do you have coming up? 

For the rest of this year we are doing more songs, but next year we have really exciting things happening we can’t wait to share with everyone. 

Final Messages: 

Our song Stars About You is out now and the official video is on Youtube,  be part of our story check us out on all of our socials.