911 interview

Boys On Tour

As The Boys are back tour tickets on sale, as you get ready to relive your favourite 90’s and 00’s in 2020, Music Promotions caught up with 911’s Jimmy to talk Boyband tour, 911 anniversary next year, more music and and much more. 

The fourth band on the bill to reform as part of ITV’s Big Renuion, 911Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Simon “Spike” Dawbarn sold millions of records worldwide, had 8 hits in the UK top 5 and a Uk number 1, making the party complete!  

What are you most looking forward to about the boys on tour?

Just sharing the stage and stories with the rest of the guys, the other bands we have all known each other over 20 years now and as much as different as it is than the old days we have conversations about our kids now rather than the rivalries, everyone has got some good hits under there belts so who ever comes along is in for a great night.

It’s mainly for the fans to have a reminisce night bear in mid there is 46 hits between the 4 bands people want to come out let their hair down and remember when the used to go to the smash hits tours really.

What can we expect from 911 on the tour?

From our point of view it is going to very much everything you can remember from the old days all of our hits we will play on the night get everyone up dancing some break dancing, we’re not going to be able to please everyone as they all have their own favourites but it’s definitely going to be a more uptempo show from us.

911 have been back together for a long time now do you find it more relaxed this time than the first time around?

There is no pressure any more, when we was with our original record label they always wanted us to tour and fly off to a lot of countries as much as it sounds glamours it’s really not as glamours as everyone thinks it’s more tiredness and exhaustion where as we have families now with kids responsibilities so we can make life a little bit easier on our selves and do what we what to do.

Will the 911 future music be different to what we have already heard?

There has to be an element of what people like but as much as everyone knows it music changes all of the time, the sound and productions stuff it doesn’t sound how it used to in the 90s so there has to be an element of more modern of what we hear these days and at the same time keep in line with what the original fans know we will have to play about with that.

Any plans for your own headline tour after the boys tour?

Possibly we have briefly talked about maybe doing a tour with a difference like an evening with… With videos playing and people asking questions like what have you done over 25 years.

Do you think with social media it made it easier for Music and networking?

Obviously in the old days we never had the social media stuff if you wanted people to know what you was doing you have to do posters and flyers and all the rest of it where as these days you can people to notice you within seconds where you are and what your doing but musically I don’t because again the charts have changed so much than the way it used to be it is different but hopefully we can move forward, we are celebrating 25 years next year so we have a situation we need to celebrate it in some way, we’re hoping to do a new album we will have them discussions at the end of this year.

Will there be an opportunity for meet and greets on the boys tour?

I believe so, the promoter that is involved with the tour hasn’t given us the full details yet but when ever there is a tour there always opportunities to get meet and greets they are one of the best parts about it.