Actor Erik Fellows Interview

Music Promotions is proud to bring this interview with actor Erik Fellow who’s cv list is very impressive, full interview below chatting about his career as an actor, Being a part of NBA 2k20, moving into producing, choosing the right roles and much more.

At what age did you begin acting? 

I started acting around the age 23 ish

What have been your acting career highlights so far? 

Highlights of my career -As an actor with nearly 17 years of experience, I landed huge commercial campaigns for Verizon wireless, Chevy, Miller lite, Gillette, and a world campaign for Pom Wonderful. Along with his print and commercial success he has also graced the screen in many music videos. I have played the love interest to huge stars such as Jennifer Lopez “Me Haces Falta”, Katharine McPhee “Love Story”, Lindsay Lohan “Rumors” , and Dido “Sand in my Shoes”. Over the years, he has appeared in several TV shows and films including “CSI: NY”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, Major recurring “Days of our Lives”, and presently a Series Regular on the AmazonPrime Emmy Winning Series “The Bay”., “Evil Touch” (2019), and “Purgatory” (2020) Erik’s past film work include Texas Heart (2016), , Bonnie and Cylde “Justified”, Rounds and the indie hit “American Cowslip” that he played along side the Legendary actors Peter Falk, Cloris Leachman, Rip Torn, Diane Ladd, Bruce Dern and Val Kilmer .  “Johnny’s Sweet Revenge”(2017),”BeingRose”(2019)  playing along side Legends Cybill Shepard and James Brolin playing Cybill Shepard’s son  , the hit Lifetime Movie “My Daughters Ransom” (2019) , Action / suspense thriller “BREAK EVEN” and dark comedy “Star*cker)(2020) both coming in the fall (2020) 

From all your movies you’ve filmed what has been your favourite location to shoot? 

Favorite location I filmed so far would be – Armenia

You have quite a diverse movies and tv CV what draws you to a role? When your looking at scripts what makes you think yes this is the one? 

What draws me to the role would be – character development and the backstory and what feels like a journey that I can go on with portraying a character is what intrigues me!

What was it like to be a character in the NBA 2K20 game ?

I played the character of Jonas Beil in the new NBA 2k20 video game.. they scanned my face and my full body and used my voice which was a great experience .. I have always wanted to be in this particular video game because I grew up a basketball player myself and a huge fan of the sport and the NBA and having Michael Jordan as my idol so this was an amazing moment in my career!

What would be your dream movie role and casting? 

I love playing the nemesis in roles which I do get to play quite often actually.. but to play opposite to Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise in a action film would be my ultimate high and goal in my career if that ever came about! So lets put that energy out there so this can happen! hahaha

Would you like to move behind the camera into directing and producing? 

Well I have already started producing. My dark comedy filming coming soon this fall called “STARFCK’R.. which I play the  LEAD actor Jimmy Starr which I also produced the film as well! This film I’m extremely excited about and can’t wait for people to see!

Having also appeared in music videos in the past, can you sing your self?

God I wish I could sing! If only I could..I pray everyday that one day I will wake up with a singing voice..but so far .. NOPE!  Ican’t sing well at all! lol 

Have you had any on set star struck moments with cast and crew? 

Yes I was pretty Starstruck 2 different moments in my career 1) when I worked opposite to Val Kilmer in my film “American Cowslip (2009) and 2) when I played the Love Interest to J-LO in her music video “Me Haces Falta” 

How are you coping with the lockdown?

We have done pretty well with the lockdown , playing games and basketball with my kid Sebastian in the backyard. Doing family time and games. But yes we are starting to looking bonkers of late..ready to get life back to normal!

What movies have you been streaming? What would you recommend people to watch? 

We have the Netflix film Extraction which was super intense and aggressive but loved it and always recently watched the new amazon series Upload really enjoyed the whole series as well! really original and entertaining series 

What music are you listening to right now? Who’s on your playlist? 

I listen to all types of music from pop/ rap / rock you name it I listen to it! I have no reference just love music and talent

Netflix or Disney plus? 

Netflix for sure

What movies are you looking forward to watching when movie theatres open up again? 

Top Gun 2 Maverick 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Best advice or quote that I have lived by is – “Only the strong will Survive” its the truth and I have that with me everyday of my life!

First thing you will do after lock down? 

Go to the beach and jump in that ocean!!

Final messages from you?

Just want to say to my fans and people and family that have always supported me over the years I would never have gotten anywhere without you all and I’m blessed and thankful everyday for the support and love! Love all of you