Alla Ray

Alla Ray artist to inspire with music that will not only have you listening again and again will also touch you with inspiring meaning full lyrics, Alla Ray diverse with a pop athem which is also right at home on the dance floor charts.

Having already worked with some incredible dj’s Alla is blowing the dance floor music scene away as well as making waves in the main stream, her new single The Race inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise looks set for big successes order today at iTunes.

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Alla Ray Interview Questions


Can you talk us through your new single The Race?


My new single The Race was inspired by the movie Fast & Furious. I love speed, night racing. Always wanted to write a song about it. Plus it has a very important meaning for me – you should never stop in your race for your dream. That’s my anthem)))


Is your main focus the Dance floor chart or more main stream charts?


The original version of my song is very close to the main stream charts. But I also collaborate with some amazing DJ’s like Mike Rizzo,Starkillers, Andy Durrant & Mike Delinquent. This should help blow upthe Dance charts.


When can we expect an album from you?


This is my second single from the album. And I hope to release the album in the beginning of the next year like a Christmas gift))). Expect hands in the air club beats with shimmery synths and shiny vocals.


What kind of sound and style can we expect?


It’s Pop and Dance at the same time. We worked a lot on creating an upfront club sound that will definitely make you wanna dance, have fun & enjoy the moment. Very uplifting))


How much creative input do you have with your music?


It is very important for me to take a central part in the writing and production of all of my songs. I feel I have to share my own life experience and my feelings with my fans. I write songs all the time: when I watch shows, movies, when I’m travelling or going clubbing. Ideas can appear in very unpredictable places))

And then of course I love to write in the studio! Love this place))It is aplace where a lot of creative & crazy people gather in one place & we all just boil there with emotions, stories & fun!


Can we expect any calibrations in the near future? Any one you’d like to work with?


My next single is gonna feature Putney rapper Sneakbo who hasachieved quite a lot already in UK. Really enjoyed working with him. I have always enjoyed UK rap so to collaborate with such a big player in the game was a big opportunity. I had to step up and make sure my game was at the highest level possible. I would love to work with more UK rappers and producers.


Who are you currently listening to?


I love listening to Avicii, Calvin Harris, Emely Sande, Lana del Rey, John Newman, Ed Sheeran, etc.


Any plans to tour? Headline or support maybe?


I’m gonna have a radio tour around UK in August. During this tour I plan to perform live at radio stations & we plan to shoot some videos of it. There are also some gigs planed for his period. I will post everything on my facebook page &


What is next for you?


Glass of wine before I go to bed))) The rest only God knows))


Any final messages?


Life, love & don’t stop the race!))) xxxx