Amy Studt

Having been away from the music scene for a years you may have been asking where is ‘#AmyStudt’ Well that answer and many more are all here in this interview Amy kindly did with music Promotions.


A few years a go Amy made it to no1 with her single, released albums and toured the world, since she has taken a break she has been busy building her own recording studio, making her next Cd and releasing her new single which is out now for you to download from Itunes etc.

 Single: Different Colour Pills and I was Jesus In Your Veins.


1) What have you been doing since your last release?


I spent some time in New York, fell in love, broke my own heart, got ill, met my man of now 6 years Toby Kidd, built a recording/writing studio, and wrote this new album. Lots of other stuff:- met my manager Caroline, put 2 different bands together, played a bunch of shows, played Isle of wight festival, did a bunch of tastemaker festivals and released my first single from my new record which is a double A side. I’ve been busy!



  1. Your back with a new single album and tour how would you say you changed since you last released an album?


I feel like a very different person these days. I’m more stable, more humble, I’m wiser, more self aware. I’m not as confident in social situations but I’m not cowering in the corner either. I think before I speak now… well, more than I used to. : )



  1. How does the chart reflection on music affect you? Is this something that is still important to yourself as an artist?



I don’t know… I suppose if anything charted from this new album I would be amazed! Not because I think it’s not chart worthy it’s just charting has and always will be strange and unreal to me. I just want as many people to hear my music as possible and that’s my main drive. 




  1. What is your opinion of the current music scene?


Which one? There are so many different scenes happening at any one time. I feel like I flit between various different scenes but never really belong to any of them. I appreciate them for what they are but they are not my home. I don’t pay much attention to chart music either which also doesn’t help me answer this question!



  1. As a songwriter would you be open to writing for other artists is this something that you have been doing?



i’ve done a little of it but I struggle with letting go of something so personal to me. My thoughts and feelings, someone else singing it… feels a bit weird as my songs are so deeply personal to me. But it is something I might be open to in the future once I’ve got a few things off my chest.




  1. Are there any bands/artists that you would like to work with?



Soooo many! I’d love to work with Stina Nordenstam, Sharon Van Etten, Jon Brion, Mazzy Star, Phil Spector, Regina Spektor amongst others.




  1. Can you tell us more about your album what can we expect from it?


My music is autobiographical. I write about my life and the things I’ve gone through and also my journey out of those things. For me it’s been a form of therapy and although some of it may seem quite dark, it is also quite light. There’s the darkness and the light and hope and salvation (in the non religious sense). I wrote and recorded the majority of it with my partner Toby Kidd from Hatcham Social working from my studio that I built called ‘Sleepwalker Studios’. Sonically, it has flickerings of the music I listen to which includes, David Bowie, The Shangri-las and Mazzy Star but maintaining my own sound. It gives a muddy, crunchy and shimmering feel to it.



  1. Are all the songs related to your own personal experiences?


On this album, yes. 




  1. Who inspires your music?



The people I meet. The people I fall in love with. The people I’ve lost through fault or things falling apart between us. and me. My internal battles,my challenges, my losses, my triumphs, my sorrow and my joy. x



  1. Have you started planning your tour yet?


Yes, and it’s all top secret for now. ; )



  1. Have you any summer festivals/supports lined up?


I played a bunch of tastemaker festivals this year and I might have another festival gig coming up but it’s not confirmed yet. Mainly we’re now focusing on the single release show/party on the 23rd July and then lead up to an EP release and then the albums release early next year.  



  1. Where can we see you live?


The 23rd July at The Islington in London is my headline show and gonna be lots of fun!




  1. What is next for you?


I’ve got a busy year ahead with shows, recording, single launch show, EP release, building up to my albums release next year. Gonna be great! I’m so happy people are going to be finally able to listen to what I’ve been up to.



Any thing you’d like to add that I haven’t asked within this interview?



Oh! That you can download my new single (Double A side) from Itunes now! Different Colour Pills and I was Jesus In Your Veins.