Ann Christine Interview

Music Promotions was lucky enough to chat with extraordinary singer song writer Ann Christine  about her music career and her single Hocus Pocus.

Can you start by telling everyone a little more about yourself?Sure!

When you were 16 you moved to a small mountain village of Chile how did this help you grow your music career?
Moving to Chile, alone and at a very young age, definitely widened my horizons to who you can be and how you can live your life. This was were I (after many years of not showing passion for music to anyone) finally overcame my fears of stepping into music myself – and began to use my voice for its true purpose. In many ways it was the beginning of my story.

You father is a producer and a guitarist what has it been like to work together on your music?
My father has been a key component in shaping my sound and way into songwriting. He taught me music as a fragile, sincere and emotional language to connect with yourself and the world around you. Even though we don’t collaborate much on music anymore, he still plays an essential role in my music today. He’s the best mentor I could wish for – always being honest, unfiltered and understanding my voice better than anyone else. Regardless of collaborations and music, in this life he’ll always be one of my greatest role models. 

“Drawn” was the first single you ever wrote and released: How has your music style and sound changed since then?
I believe music and writing in general evolves dynamically together with the person creating it. My life has changed a lot since “Drawn” came out over 6 years ago; My lifestyle, as well as the people I work and surround myself with, is very different than when I was 20 years old and still living in Denmark. I guess I’m more extroverted in my way of expressing music today. I love life more now. I feel more powerful and determined each year I get older. And I want each of my songs to celebrate and honor exactly that.

Do you still live in Berlin? What is that like? How is the music scene over there?
I still live in Berlin, yes, and I really enjoy life here. The city feels a bit schizophrenic, balancing between being a fairytale land of magical madness – and at the same time being as cold and harsh as its concrete walls. This suits my head pretty good. You can both live out your wildest fantasies and disappear anonymously into corners of your own.

The music scene in Berlin is quite different from what I came from in Scandinavia, where pop-music is dominating. I’ve developed a strong taste for raw-flavoured electronic music, such as house and techno, which has been refreshing for my musical horizons. I appreciate living in a place, where you have all music genres at your front door.

As a songwriter, you have written for a lot of different artists. How did you get involved with writing for other artists? And have you ever written a song for anyone and wished you had kept for yourself?
I began getting into co-writing about 5 years ago, when I moved to Berlin. I got into the scene through my network in music – and through different writing camps, which has connected me to a lot of great writers and producers that I still work with.
I’ve learned a lot from working closely with other artists and from stepping outside of my own project. And I enjoy being able to work within different styles of music, mood and storytelling.

If I’ve ever written a song for someone else and wished I had kept it for myself? No, I have not. In fact, I feel quite the opposite. There’s such a pure happiness in being able to support another artist – and being part of getting his or her message out. It’s a bit misunderstood that everything that’s good, you should keep for yourself.

Who inspires you musically?
I’m deeply inspired by the women who’ve walked these paths before us, making it possible for my generation to do and say what we do today. The list is long, but Dolly Parton is surely among the top ones. Not to forget Annie Lennox or Kate Bush. 

What is the story behind your new single Hocus Pocus?
‘Hocus Pocus’ is a love song without any love in it. And a reflection of what dating culture has become. Someone once said to me, “Ann, you really do have that magic”. I thought it painted the perfect picture of something so pointless, yet hilarious and thrilling. So even in the emotional emptiness of it, we can at least make sure to have fun when we do what we do.

Do you have an album coming out?
Without revealing too much, I would say that I do have very exciting things in the loop.

Any touring plans?
You will definitely find me out there next year! So bring along your darkest demons or wildest fantasies and we’ll have a party altogether. 

Anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked with this interview?
I’m very grateful for this attention to my music and for everyone who’s listening along. I’m excited to share much more with you in the near future.

Ann Christine