Don’t be fooled, this 5 piece London alt-rock band are as tight as ever, on
and off the stage. Since BABYTEETH exploded onto the music scene with debut
single, ‘Siamese Twin’, things haven’t slowed down. They have already made a
name for themselves on the live front, playing the likes of Camden Rocks and
Kerrang Radio’s ‘Fresh Blood’ night to Blogtober Festival, Live At Leeds
‘Ones To Watch’ and supporting The Naked and Famous at the Electric Brixton.

The band return with a statement, releasing their 2nd single, the catchy,
future anthem, ‘Shame’. “You know when a grown adult human is acting like a
tiny whiney baby and you just wanna tell them to shut the fuck up? That’s
‘Shame’”. We were in a delightful mood the day we wrote that!”

Influenced by grunge and punk rock they heard as kids, both in terms of
song writing and the presence of so many strong inspiring female icons, the
band incorporate modern production into their sound. Producer wiz Cam
Blackwood’s (Rat Boy, Florence and the Machine, George Ezra), work with
BABYTEETH on ‘Shame’ definitely smacks you around the head with something so
new and exciting it practically sizzles, yet it arrives riding the ghosts of
your favourite bands.

Not content with releasing a bad-ass track, the band have created an
equally bad-ass video to accompany the track. “We liked the idea of this
really angry song being interpreted in a form like ballet that’s
traditionally more graceful and serene. Also Nicol Edmonds from the Royal
Ballet who dances in the video is one of the most beautiful humans we’ve
ever seen so it was an opportunity to get him half naked and cover him in

There you have it, if you’re not singing ‘sha sha sha sha sha sha shame’
after the first listen, well…it doesn’t need to be said.

BABYTEETH play Kendal Calling in July. Watch out for more live dates to be
announced soon.

Band Members:

Camilla Roholm (vox, guitar)

Eilidh McKellar (lead guitar)

Rio Hellyer (bass)

Samantha Lubin (drums)

Sam Hammond (guitar)