Bars and Melody

Bars and Melody won the nations hearts making it all the way to the finals of Britian’s Got Talent

Now they are about to release their debut CD and embark on their own headline tour.

What have they been up since Britian’s Got Talent? What can we expect from their live tour? What surprises have they in store? all this and more can be found in the interview they very kindly did for Music Promotions. 

Bars and Melody

What have you been doing since BGT?

We have done loads, from touring to, recording and flying all around the world it has been crazy. Our first headline show we did sold out completely, it was crazy and I loved every moment of it! We have our debut album coming out called 143! We’ve done so much and we’re loving every moment!



Can you tell us more about the music that you have been working on?

We have been recording in the studio for about a year now and we have a load of different sounds and are targeting all sorts on genres! We love doing the music we do and we cant wait to show you and hopefully you will to!



When do you have an album coming out?

Our debut album 143 is ou on the 21st of august 2015, we cannot wait for you to hear it. Its taken a long time to created but it was so worth all the time we invested.



What will be the next single released from you?

The single we are releasing with the album is called Beautiful, and it is quite an upbeat song which is all about embracing your imperfection, because if everyone was perfect the world would be a boring place.



What can we expect from your up and coming tour?

We will have a live band playing along side us on stage, so all sounds will be live. We have got something for everyone, we have a wide range of music so no matter what music you’re in to, we’ve got something for you.



Have you decided who is supporting you on your headline tour yet?

There are still things being put in place, and we’re are still open for offers


What has been the biggest highlights off your career so far?

Probably selling out the whole of our first headline tour, it was crazy! We didn’t know what to expect and we couldn’t have had a better reaction.



What advice would you give any one entering BGT or the X Factor?

I would say give it a go, X Factor/BGT isn’t the end all be all, its what you do after the show that decides how you career will pan out, everyone goes home at some point.


Who influences you both musically?

Jordan Dreyer from La Dispute, Bruno Marz




Are you doing any summer festivals?

We may be doing some we shall keep you up to date via our social media!




Who are you currently listening to?

I am listening to Bring me The Horizon, Ive loved there music growing up




If your music was to be featured on any soundtrack which film would you like to be on?

It would have to be The fast and the furious! Love those films!



What is next for you?

We have a few things in the pipeline which we can’t mention just yet so keep your social media active and all will be announced soon J




Any final messages?


Would just like to thank all our fans for all their support along our amazing journey  J We love you Bambinos xx