Bella X Factor interview

From her first audition to making the live finals on the X Factor 2018 Bella was one to watch she came and gave 110% every week making each performance her own and very soon you can experience Bella live on stage across the UK as she hits the road for the 2019 XFactor arena tour. 

What will be able to expect from Bella live? What music will she be releasing? How was her X Factor experience? Music Promotions was lucky enough to interview her see the full interview below.


  • How has your life changed since the X Factor?

My life has changed tremendously, people recognise me in the streets and I get hundreds of lovely messages a day from fans all around the world telling me that I’ve inspired them. It has given me more drive and ambition than ever before.


·         What have been your main highlights of your X factor journey?

My main highlight of the X factor journey was the six chair challenge and also judges houses. The feelings I felt then were indescribable.


·         What advice would you give to any one auditioning for the X Factor? 

Do it, give it all you got. You may be surprised at the outcome like I was.


·         What can we expect from you from the tour next year? 



·         Are you currently working on your own music? 

Of course! My main focus right now is writing music that will get people talking.


·         What musical direction will you be going in? 

Deffo sticking with a bit of rap and singing. It’s what I enjoy the most.


·         What are your plans moving into 2019? 

Eat healthy and get fit. As a singer your voice is your tool so gotta stay healthy.

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