Ben Adams A1 Interview

Boys On Tour

Music Promotions recently caught up with A1 singer Ben Adams to talk about the Boys Are Back Tour, A1 album and tour plans, releasing Shallow as a single and more.


A1, the Brit award winning, British-Norwegian band consists of Ben Adams, Paul Marazzi, Mark Read and Christian Ingebrigtsen.The band had their first breakthrough in The UK in 1999 and went on to have many International number 1 hits. They achieved massive success throughout the UK, Europe and Asia racking up over 10 million record sales. 

What are you most looking forward to about the Boys Are Back Tour?

We haven’t toured with some of the guys for many years, it’s going to be like one long stage do it will be a lot of fun.

Which of the other bands on the tour are you most looking forward to touring with?

We have been toured with these guys before a long time ago we are all friends now, I think back in the 90s we was all chart rivals but now it is very different everyone’s grown up we’re all friends it’s going to be brilliant.

Will there be a Boys On Tour cd released to go along side the tour?

I don’t think so, but there will be a be A1 album we are just writing and producing it at the moment and bringing out the first single from it, we have our own tour in November we will bring out a new single before that and hopefully bring out the new album just before the Boyband tour.

Any plans to collaborate with any of the bands?

I don’t know, I’m sure we will see everyone at various concert circuits I don’t know if there is anything to do musically with anyone, I’m a writer and producer outside of A1 so if anyone wanted to release new music I could write for/with them, I don’t know if anything collaboration wise would happen after the tour but you never know.

A1 have been back together quite a while does it feel different performing together now then the first time?

Yes it is different In the sense we can do what we want now we don’t have a record company telling us what we can and can’t do we are very much our own bosses we enjoy it a lot more now as we make our own decisions and make our own set-lists we can decide mid concert if we want to do some songs we hadn’t planned to do we just do it as we are much older now we have more experience we are a much better band now than we ever were.

A1 have a few headline dates if your own at the end of the year any plans to do a full headline tour maybe next year?

Absolutely, we are always looking for things to do it’s just time to be honest the reason we only put out four shows now is because we are so busy doing other things all over the world we have concerts in parts of Europe, Asia, Scandinavia so really that was the only time we could possibly fit into do those and they sold out in 4 minutes which surprised us all as we haven’t done anything in the UK for quite some time so you never know if there going to buy tickets or not perhaps we should have put a few more shows on but we will definitely be doing that next year.

Will your new music be totally different to what we have heard from A1 as of now?

I think the nice thing when you write your own songs like we always have done we have constantly evolved musically our favourite song collectively as a group is Caught In The Middle, the stuff we have written so far is more in line with that the good thing with those kind of tracks is that they stand the test of time, you could release Caught In The Middle now and it would sound just as fresh… where as if you release a track like Same Old Brand New You it’s very much a 90s sound, with the next album we are just going for songs that will last.

I saw on YouTube the version of Shallow you did it was a great version, do you plan to release this?

It’s quite a small country Norway but that version of the song , i know a lot of people have done their own version of Shallow it’s a great song but that particular version a lot of people have been saying it’s better than the original why can’t you release it? so I have actually produced and brought in Ulrikke who I performed with and we are going to release that tomorrow so that will be on Spotify, Apple Music, I-tunes and all of the other streaming services , it went crazy over there it got something like a million views in a very short space of time.

I’m also doing a Christmas album as well which will be out around Christmas time it’s quite odd doing a Christmas album in the middle of the year looking outside and singing about snow it’s quite a funny thing to do but it will good.