Ben Adams

Ben Adams chats to Music Promotions about A1 being on tour, The Boys are back 2020 tour, his Christmas cd and duet and more the full interview is below.

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Ben Adams 

How was the U.K. A1 tour for you? 

It was brilliant we did a few dates In the UK and then we headed of to Asia to continue the tour there and it all went well.

Will you be announcing any U.K. dates for the new year? 

We are doing The Boys Are Back tour first then I think towards the end of the year we are going to have a couple of UK dates and back over to Asia and plenty of Scandinavia shows. 

We have lots coming up. 

Will there be a new A1 album? 

We are working on one we have half the album complete so far so hopefully we will be able to do some more stuff in January and plough on to we have finished.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Mark’s doing panto, Chris has a Christmas tour, myself and Paul are taking this Christmas off.

I think we will get together in January and Febuary and work out what we are doing. 

Do you have your set list already planned? 

I think we only get about 20-25 minutes per band so it will be all the hits, Take On Me, Caught In The Middle, Everytime, Like A Rose, Same Old Brand New You all that kind of thing. 

How does the band feel now that Paul is back? 

It’s like riding a bike when he first joined it was a bit strange as we had been a band as a three piece for much longer than we had as a four-piece but now it’s like he never left and were having a great time.

How did your duet with Morrisete come about? 

It was a song I wrote originally for a Dutch artist but I liked it, sometimes because I write a lot of songs for different artists it can be quite hard to give them away so with that song I loved so much I took it back and thought it would sound better as a duet so I started hunting for who I thought would be the best person to duet with and I came across Morrisette who is a massive Asian singer and I thought her voice was amazing so I contacted her people and asked if she’d like to do it and she did and that’s was it. 

Its also just gone huge in Asia and to see so many people on this side of the world enjoying it as well is incredible.

Will you work together again on a non Christmas song?

It’s gone so well so never say never we have been talking about other potential tracks we can do, the only problem is we live on different sides of the world even doing This Is Christmas she had to record her vocals in the studio over in the Philippines and send it over to me and I produced it all in London. It’s just trying to get enough time to promote it luckily we had an A1 tour over there so we could do all the tvs over and press but I don’t know if I have enough time to go and promote another song over there. 

Will you be releasing a new solo album? 

I’ve just released a solo Christmas album which is doing very well,

I do actually have an album which has been sitting there for quite a long time I’ve just been releasing one track after the other but I think I just need to be a bit more relentless in releasing them so I’m going to release another one in January and probably release a track from then on in I think… 

I also did a classical EP which was great it went to number one in the classical charts I have another 6 songs ready for that which I will probably release as well there is so much to release and not enough time I really need to plough through it all. 

What are your plans over Christmas?

I just did my very last day In the studio for 2019, we have one more A1 gig in Blackpool apart from that I am pretty much on holiday, I’ve worked pretty much every year that I can remember over Christmas and I always felt it ruins Christmas so this year I’m spending half of it here and half in Olso I will enjoy it. 

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