Birthday Card Interview

Huge thanks to Leslie Adriaans from Birthday Card for taking time to speak with Music Promotions about the bands new single ‘Radio Star’ future touring, music streaming and much more see full interview below.

Can you tell everyone more about your band?

1. The five of us are from a small town in Buckinghamshire called Aylesbury, where we are all dotted around quite close to one another. We all went to school together and eventually all crossed paths to form Birthday Card.

What is the story behind Radio Star?

2. A couple of months ago we all had a conversation regarding our next release and what our thoughts were about it. For the next few weeks after that conversation we found ourselves developing on an idea that George had initially brought into rehearsal. A day before we went into lockdown we were lucky enough to get into the studio and lay everything that we wanted to down and get the song finished.I feel like Radiostar  is a snapshot of us at our most focused, fine tuning our song writing process and really getting into the nitty gritty of our preception of Pop music and showcasing it. 

What is your writing and recording process like for you?

3. In previous years we never really had a “way” of creating to identify with solidly, because in truth I don’t really think we understood ourselves as much as we do now. Ideas were developed and still exciting of course, but with Radiostar things just seemed to happen super naturally; combining all of our strengths together and using them to our advantage. We all got really stuck in with all the elements that make up the song whilst also making bold decisions and sticking with them. I find we’ve struck quite a happy medium between writing/expanding on loops that have been written outside of rehearsal and just coming up with ideas and creating different textures in the rehearsal room that create the foundations of a song for us to eventually work on. Kind of like jamming. We do both, it just depends on the day really.

Does Radio star have a similar kind of vibe to She Away?

4. I don’t think so, no. The two songs were written at two completely different times, so personally drawing references from the time in which we wrote and recorded each of them leads to a collection of separate feelings/emotions. I feel like they’re from two different worlds musically, too. 

Who influences you all musically?

5. We all share loads of influences. The Streets, Kanye West, Bon Iver and The 1975 are just a handful of the guys that seem to inspire us all on quite a consistent basis. Influences outside of these change rapidly. 

As everyone is in lock down right now, what are you doing to keep your self busy?
6. I’m fortunate enough to have a shed in my garden where I can spend each day working on music extensively. We’ve all continued writing songs really, just sending ideas and loops back and forth to one another, trying to develop ourselves and our material as much as possible. A lot of daydreaming and reading too. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given and what advice would you give any one starting out in this industry?

7. The best piece of advice I’ve received is probably “lack of evidence is not evidence of lack”.
 The advice I’d give would be: Be persistent, surround yourself with people who inspire you and stay as present as possible. 

Streaming services is this better for the music industry right now? 

What music are you all currently streaming and what are your top 5 music streaming recommendations?

8. With the increased development and speed of technology I think the idea of streaming works in our current generations favour. I do remember some streaming services coming under fire in the past for lack of transparency regarding artists and their revenue made from streaming services. The revenue that streaming has generated for the music industry is incredible, especially in recent years so I imagine that those numbers have climbed since. 

9. Holy Lost Arizona – Okloucomme des garcons (like the boys) – rina sawayamaSupalonely – BENEE & Gus DappertonGec 2 ü remix – 100 gecs & Dorian Electra

10. Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Youtube and Apple Music

Your headline show later in the year what can we expect from it?

11. A lot of energy! We’ve been working on a few new tracks too so hopefully those will creep into our setlist, along with our new single Radiostar.

Any plans for a nationwide tour at some point (When it is safe to do so)

12. Most definitely! We’ve always endeavoured to tour the UK extensively. As soon as it’s safe to do so I’m sure plans to be able to do so will begin. 

Where can every one follow you on social media?
13. All the usuals, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!Find us under: birthdaycardx

Final Messages
Just wanted to add that I hope everyone is ok during lockdown! Times are scary right now but we’ll soon come to understand what all of this means. In the meantime stay safe everyone. Thanks for the interview. Love x