Birthh Interview

1) What is the story behind your single your single ‘ Supermarkets’?Supermarkets is a song that comes from a place of unconditional love. I wrote it while a very close friend of mine was going through a rough time and I would often tell her was that “people are just people”.  

2) The video for ‘Supermarkets’? was shot in Italy what was the idea behind the video?I felt the need to make a genuine and spontaneous video for this song, I wanted to show who I am without overthinking it. Most of the video was filmed in the neighbourhood I grew up in, I’m happy and proud of showing people this side of the world too. 

3) You filmed and edited this music video? How long did you spend planning the whole production of it?The video was filmed with a sony handycam, my friend Ceci (who’s first and foremost the keyboard player in my live band) helped me out with some of the filming in Genoa, as I was mentioning before everything was pretty spontaneous, we filmed the whole thing in three days and then I spent the following two days editing it on Final Cut.

 4) Are you currently working on your album?Yes! I’m always working on new music, so many nice things are coming. 

5) How long do you spend writing and recording?It really depends on the song, sometimes I can finish a song in one day, sometimes it takes months. 

6) Who influences your music?Everything and everyone I see and experience around me. I’m a very curious person, I like analysing people and feelings and things, I like looking up and seeing the vastness of a blue sky, I often think about the universe, the multiverse, I ask myself so many questions.

 7) What is the best description of your music?Bouncy sounds from the cosmos. 

8) You spend a lot of time between Italy and New York, does this have a big impact of your music and inspiring your songwriting?Italian music from the 50s is probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to songwriting and New York has shaped me so much as an artist and as a person. They’re definitely two very distinct and different worlds but I really want to find a balance between them in my music, Italy has so much to offer other than what some stereotypes might suggest. 

9) Are you working with any other artists on future collaborations?Not at the moment, I’ll be releasing a song with a super special artist very soon though! 

10) Have you any live dates coming up?Yes! I’m playing a headlining show in London on December 3rd at Servan Jazz Quarters, and I’m also performing at a couple of festivals like Youth Mundus in Rome on November 16th and Milan Music Week later that week.