Brand New Exclusive Interview with Thomas

If there was ever an artist destined for massive future success Thomas is on that list of greatness With a killer debut single with an infectious hook upbeat feel good lyrics and soulful vocal to match Be With You is the song for you.

Music Promotions has been lucky enough to get the first ever excursive interview with Thomas to which he talks all things music and film! read the full interview here now!

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Thomas Music Promotions Q&As


Can you start by telling us more about your new single?

My debut single is titled ‘Be With You’, its an uptempo, infectious, feel good record that will without any doubt have you moving from start to finish. Blends of Pop, House and Garage with catchy R&B melodies throughout, I guarantee you’ll have it on repeat 😉


Is there a story behind it?

The song’s about being with that one person you know you couldn’t really see yourself without, no matter the temptations that may be going on elsewhere or even through the hard times, you always come back to where it all began which is with each other. It’s your way of saying with all the love, hate, ups, downs at the end of the day there’s only ONE person who I really want to be with and that’s you. As the lyrics state ‘My eyes wander but my heart will never stray away. We go through thunder and always end up singing in the rain, the truth won’t change’. The truth is I only ever want to ‘BE WITH YOU’.


Would this song set of the sound and style for the rest of your music that’s coming out?

To a certain extent Yeah. For me as an artist and what I represent it’s important that I provide the listener overall with high energy, feel good records that bring a positive vibe. It’s so important that everything from the production, to the melodies and lyrics really connect with the listener and it all comes together to create a sound that makes you feel good. So overall you can expect most of my music to bring you an uptempo, fresh and energetic sound, and at the same time a few records slightly mid-tempo to take the listener on a journey through different levels.


How would you personally describe your sound?

Fresh – Blends of Pop, House and Garage with infectious, catchy R&B melodies that makes you feel good.


Who are you inspired by artists wise?

Growing up in my house, there was different types of music everywhere. From my Dad listening mostly to Rock & David Bowie, my Mum listening to Soul and Motown, and my sisters listening to Pop & Dance.  There was al sorts going on, which I loved, because in every room in the house, at one time, I could find my self moving around through all these different sounds. For me personally I mostly listened to R&B, UK Garage and Dance, specifically Justin Timberlake. JT was mainly the reason why I went into music, a huge inspiration to me without a doubt. His debut solo album ‘Justified’ was so on point, from the start to finish; the sound, the flow of it was perfect. Even to this day since that album he’s carried himself so well throughout his whole career, definitely someone I can take influence from for sure.


Any charts artists that you’d like to work with? And are currently listening to?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on my debut material with George Reid from Aluna George, he’s very talented and we’ve recorded a really cool song together, that hopefully you’ll get to hear in the future. Others from the UK who I’d like to work with would be Anne-Marie, I loved her last single ‘Do it Right’ and I’m loving her overall vibe. Wretch 32 & Stormzy would be another collab that I’d like to happen and I’m really feeling Shift K3Y, always been a fan of his records that he’s put out, as well as his production. US artists of course Justin Timberlake and I love both Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s sounds right now. I’m always listening to all types of music, from Pop, House, Garage, Grime, R&B. Really feeling Benny Benassi new tune with Chris Brown ‘Paradise’, Tinie’s new single ‘Girl’s Like’ & Kano’s new album ‘Made In The Manor’.


Do you have an album in the works?

Yeah – I’ve already got a whole bunch of songs ready for an album, which includes the record with George Reid from Aluna George as I mentioned. I’ve also been working with Grammy & Ivor Novello Award winning Rob Davis, so I have songs with him, as well as so many other mad talented DJ’s/Producers. At the moment though I’m totally focused on putting out strong, fresh, catchy singles before looking at releasing my album, but there will be one for sure from me in the future and you can play it on repeat 😉


Any live dates coming up?

Yeah – I love performing live it’s so important to me, just as much as being in the studio recording a new song. I’m currently looking at different dates so to keep up with where I’ll be and to see me perform you can follow me on Twitter @ThomasTeago, Facebook /ThomasTeago, Instagram @ThomasTeago and my website – all live dates and any info will be there, make sure you’re ready because I’ll be bringing nothing but feel good vibes.


Being live what can we expect from you on stage?

HIGH ENERGY – I think it’s important that if you’re going to see any artist live they give you what you pay for. I’ve always been one for crowd interaction, so whether that be them making noise to throwing their hands up, I always get the crowd hyped up and I make sure that what I’m feeling from the music on stage, you’re all feeling it too.  So that after, when you go home, you’re still on a high and saying to yourself ”Wow, I’ve got to go see him again”. For instance last year November 2015 I was asked to open up the Capital FM Concert in Sheffield to over 15,000 people, I performed 3 of my original tracks and within only minutes I had the crowd jumping, screaming and lighting up the sky with their phones, you can see the video of this at my YouTube channel


Where did you shoot the video for the single?

The video was shot in London and Directed by Jay Parpworth. It’s full of different quirky, cool effects and blends various colours. The video and the song go so well together, that its appealing to the eye, dancers in the video are amazing too, cutting shapes to the songs ‘Drop’, make sure you check it out.


If your music was the soundtrack to any film what would you choose?

Something like The Hangover or some sort of cool comedy film, something that involves a crazy party and everyone’s just having a wicked time. I can see it now, a pool party with girls, guys, drinks, music and the random goat with sunglasses on floating around on a rubber dingy haha

Any Final Messages?

Make sure you buy my debut single ‘Be With You’ released June 3rd on SouthShaw/Universal Music. Tell your friends, mum, dad, sisters, brothers the dog next door, anyone and everyone, if you want to feel good, upbeat and forget your troubles then you need to turn it up. Make sure you follow me on twitter @ThomasTeago, Facebook /ThomasTeago and Instagram @ThomasTeago. I appreciate your support and I hope to see you at one of my future performances so that we can all vibe out together 🙂