Brand New Heavies

Brand new heavies
As The Brand New Heavies release their highly awaited new album, Music Promotions was lucky enough to speak to Simon Bartholomew about the new album, touring, how much music has changed since the early days of the band, it was nice to catch chat about the music in great detail and speak to a man who’s experienced the music industry from going back to the 90’s until now and just how much it has changed, he is a very humble down to earth musician who’s passion for music has never changed.


The Brand New Heavies new album out now on all streaming platforms. 
See the bands official website for their official tour dates. 
Your new tour, what can everyone expect from a Brand new heavies concert? 
October and November is the UK tour, we had a personnel change a little shuffle…
We have a new drummer he’s added a spark to the whole thing it’s a whole new little vibe the band is on fire, we are having a good time playing shows it’s going to be the Brand New heavies as you know and love with some new material and all the classics, as you know we started off as a real band planning and jamming together even in school we was jamming in each other’s bedroom and stuff like that. We always have some improvisation in our shows every time we are playing the songs it always seems different and I think that’s part of the heavies charm so come along have a little boogie a laugh and a good time.  
Do you prefer the Smaller intimate venues or the big arenas and stadiums? 
It is different things there is something nice about the smaller venues I think the kind of music we play the if you ask someone what kind of clubs they like going to sometimes it’s nice to go to a big club and some times it’s nice to go to a small club with your mates it’s a bit like that they are both cool I do love the big out door festivals there is something magic and being outside and playing music with everybody together and I think that is why there is so many new festivals so the out door gigs are really nice, the small venues are great because you get that intimacy and the big stadiums is anotherkind of theme they all have their merits, if I’m honest venue wise I prefer an old theatre it feels good. 
Can you talk us through the album? 
On this album it’s seen as a come back album for us in some ways, we have been working with ‘Angela Ricci’ she’s coming on tour with us you’ll see her in November. 
We have another guests of people we know when we first started the band we got famous with another singer she sang on the first two albums before she went solo so she is back for a couple of songs,
we made an album with Siedah Garret when she was very young she wrote a song called man in the mirror for the guy called Micheal Jackson! And she sang I can’t stop loving you she even toured with him so when found out about her and we started writing songs together and then she joined the band after our singer left so she wrote ‘You Are The Universe’ with us and others she’s on a couple of tunes, Beverley Knight who’s an incredible English singer is on a tune and a new guy who’s sang lead and backing vocals for us, Jack knight is on a song called ‘Little Dancer’ he apparently played it at a BBQ at jayz place and they loved it, we have done another tune with Mark Ronson we sent this tune back and fourth over the water all very modern, there is funk, there is ballads it’s old and new there is a little bit of everything, we have also done a song with Angie Stone which was incredible. 
How long did you spend writing and recording this album? 
It was slow getting started making the record for one reason or the another families and things then we got started we had real strings, real horn players and really lovely finishing touches sounding really sweet, we came in with various songs and we sent one of the songs to Angie Stone which we almost didn’t get to make the record as she disappeared on us she was off on holiday or something then we got it back and mixed it put the final touches on it we used strings like violins and chellos. 
The album took longer than we wanted it to take but we did get there in the end it’s not something where we made 20 tracks we worked on each song until we got it done, it’s not necessarily an ideal album or anything like that it’s a real piece of work to come out of us as it is if that makes sense we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.