Bright Lights, Big Cities: A Welcome Note

Hello lovelies!

I am so honored to be a part of Music Promotions U.K. and wanted to introduce myself and give you all an introduction to what this column will include.

Having worked with Mel for many years now – first as an artist, and now with the label that I work as the Label Director for NVE Records/Universal Music Group, I joined the Music Promotions UK team to the magazine to give insight to new and prominent music news in the U.S.

With my label being based in Southern California, I’m happy to share interviews, reviews, releases and event information from L.A. to NYC. I have a professional background in journalism, having worked many years as the Managing Editor of the celebrity and fashion publication, Runway and have interviewed clients such as Lance Bass, Nancy O’Dell, Paris Hilton and more.

Excited to come on board – I have some exciting interviews and features lined up. If there is anything you’d like to see – feel free to send me a request at

For more information on my record label, 
For more information on my brand,

Hoping you all are having a beautiful, music filled summer!