After what seems like forever away from the charts Keavy, Lindsey, Edele and Sinead are back

after a successful appearance on the first The Big Reunion series followed with a sell out tour, they have written and recorded their brand new EP ‘Champagne and Guinness’ to be released September 28th.

The Stars are ours is the first single to be taken from the new EP which after one listen you feel the strength, power and belief within the lyrics that brings us to think if this is only the first single from B*witched when will there be more.

Welcome back B*witched

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Can you start by telling us more about your single The Stars Are Ours?

K: Stars was inspired by my life journey. The track has such a feeling of freedom and this reminded of what I felt like by going on a journey of self understanding and becoming more myself. And we elaborated on that. It’s about embracing life.


Do you have any expectations toward chart success this time around? It’s much less pressure this time, it’s not about striving for chart success, it’s about enjoying B*Witched for what the group unit is now and celebrating that through new music.


How much do you personally think the charts have changed since B*Witched first launched? The chart has changed so much in terms of sales and format. Our first album was on tape ahhhh how old does that sound! With a clink of a button you can have an album on your phone and off you go. Back in our day it was a trip to the music store to pick up a CD or tape which had to be scheduled in haha


From doing The Big Reunion do you keep in touch with the other bands? I spent a lot of time with Liz From Atomic kitten on the tour and we catch up from time to time. Lindsay and I are off to Kerry & George’s wedding soon which will be so lovely as we got to know them both as a couple on the tour and they are so gorgeous together, it will be nice to celebrate their love with them.


Any plans to tour with them again? It’s not on the cards but would definitely be fun to do again. Occasionally we do the same gig and it’s nice to share the stage again and catch up in the green room. We were with Blue and Atomic Kitten last week at Lytham Proms.


What can we expect from your EP Champagne and Guinness’?

I think it’s an EP that people can relate to, the writing has been inspired by our personal experiences from heart break to falling in love, embracing femininity and enjoying life. The music has a touch of our Irish roots and some feel good riffs to enjoy.


How much time did you spend writing and recording the EP?

We spent the good part of a year getting the direction of the EP to where we wanted it. We wrote different styles of music and waited till the flavour felt right for where B*Witched are are at now.


How much creative control do you have over your music?

We had complete creative control as we wrote the songs ourselves.


Who inspires all of you as artists?

I have to say for me I am just inspired by music in general. I’m a believer in going with whatever moves you. That for me can be from John Mayer to Black Eyed Peas to Tracy Chapman.

With Edele in Celebrity big brother is this something that you would consider doing or any other reality shows you would like to work on?

I’d love to do Strictly as I always wanted to do ballroom dancing as a child but I wasn’t allowed go to classes by myself haha. To get to learn that skill over an intense few weeks would be amazing. I’d also like to see how if cope in the jungle, would I eat all those gruesome stuff? I think so but unless I was there to experience it it’s all hearsay as I’m not gonna try it out my back garden ha.



With all your experience and knowledge within the industry what advice would you give to up and coming singers?

Never give up, if you believe in yourself then work hard and strive for what you want.

Any plans for your own tour in support of the new EP? It terms of touring the new EP it would be amazing if it was received successfully enough to do so, so we’ll see.


 Anything live coming up? We have lots of live gigs coming up and have been enjoying summer festivals. 

Can we expect a full length CD in the near future? If this goes well absolutely!!


If any of your songs could be featured on any film sound track would would you choose? I think We’ve Forgotten How’ would go nicely in a heart break scene of a Romantic chick flick.


Who in the charts are you currently listening to?

I love George Ezra at the moment, beautiful voice.


What is next for you? Enjoying our music and gigging.


Any final messages?

Thank you to everyone who has embraced B*Witched this time around and to our fans who have stayed supporting us since day one. Nothing would happen without you.