Canaan Smith

Country singer Canaan Smith is back with his brilliant brand new single The Night Back you can also catch him on tour across America right now. 

Canaan Smith one of the most down to earth talented artists you will ever meet.


Inbtween touring he sat down to speak with Music Promotions about being on the road, his new single, plans for 2018 and more. Full interview below!


Can you tell us more about your new single This Night Back?

1. This night back is a song all about living in the moment. Last too short not to. And it feels damn good


Do you have a new album coming out soon?
2. In the thick of it right now. Recording and writing a lot. Won’t be long


Have you decided what your next single will be and when it will be released?
3. Not sure when/what the next single will be yet. I am in the middle of writing and recording a bunch of great ones though!


Will your next CD have a similar sound to your last?
4. I’m having fun exploring new ideas in the studio while aiming to stay true to who I am and what I do


Any collaborations in the pipeline?
5. I would love to do some collaborations on this next project…Got some cool ideas for that


How is your tour going right now?
6. My tour is currently kicking ass! Haha! We are having a blast on the road. Nothing beats a sold out crowd singing your songs back to you. Wish it would go on forever.


What has been your most memorable moment on stage so far?
7. Sometimes I look out at the crowd and stop to take it all in. Sometimes during bronco, when the room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop, it’s hard to keep my composure. Sometimes it feels like a dream…like was when I was playing for a record-breaking crowd in Virginia Beach last summer. 50,000 people were singing my song back to me all at once. That was insane. Those are the moments I’ll never forget.


Will you be bringing your tour to the U.K?
8. Hoping to come back as soon as possible. I love it over there! And I feel the love from you guys too…I’ll be back


What are your plans for the rest of the year and moving in to 2018?
9. I plan on finishing my “long way from the freeway“ tour strong, and then enjoying some down time at home with my family. 2018 will be all about new music.
10. Thank you for all of the love and support from that side of the world. You have no idea how much it means to me. See you guys soon