Meet Sonya talented singer/songwriter working her way up the music industry performing any gig and making that stage her own, Sonya is the UK’s brightest music female solo artists of 2013,with incredible vocals a killer live show and a album full of beautiful lyrics Sonya is the artist to watch.


  1. Can you start by telling us more about yourself?

I am 26 and I have grown up living in several different countries all for equal amounts of time. I am half American and half New Zealander but now I am officially a British Citizen as well. I collect passports you see 🙂 haha. I have always loved the feeling of using my vocal chords to sing….there is a sensation in the sound coming out and being able to control it that is quite satisfying. However, creating/writing music and singing has not always been my most obvious passion. Even though I have always loved performing and entertaining people whilst singing and dancing; it took me a while to harness the confidence in myself that is needed to go fully into this career path. I enjoy many other creative pursuits like graphic design, poetry, culinary arts and acting and I tried them all out as career paths which, in turn, brought me closer to the song writing and becoming a music artist.

  1. How would you describe your own music style?

I would describe my music as quirky, feel good, summery, up-beat easy-listening music. It is honest and organic using real instruments. My band said my songs seem relatively easy and simple upon listening but when they went to play and learn the structures, the arrangements, and the beats…they struggled for a while at the unpredictability and complexity of them. Haha. That made me laugh, because I have written all my songs by ear but have never been trained on guitar. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I still don’t know some of the notes and chords I am playing. I am sure I will learn my songs properly eventually 🙂

  1. Could you tell us more about your next single release?

My current single, “NOW” is doing really well which is allowing great time to really make a good choice on the next release. There are 10 more songs on my album to choose from and when I ask for opinions about what the next single should be, I get almost 10 different answers each time which is a pain but a compliment to me at the same time. Haha. Means I can’t really go too wrong.

  1. When can we expect your album release? Can you talk us through the tracks – is there a story behind them?

The release date of the entire album has not been decided. It has been pushed back several times to allow proper time to promote myself and get awareness about me as a new artist up. I’m in no rush. I want to release it at the right time…nothing premature is ever a good thing! 🙂 But as a rough time…September is the plan. Currently I am enjoying building up my fan base and performing the London circuit. I’ve been on BBC radio stations in London, Merseyside and Kent so enjoying this process very much. When the time comes, I can’t wait to let people hear the whole album!

  1. You have a gig coming up at Ronnie Scott’s on the 21st, what other live shows do you have coming up? Any headline tours/supports?

Yes, I am very excited about Ronnie’s. It is the second time to perform there and I feel quite chuffed to have been invited back to play in a very famous, central London venue! In March – I am traveling to Somerset to perform 2 shows in Glastonbury on Easter Weekend which I am very excited about. These will be acoustic performances which will allow me to perform and audiences to hear the songs closest to the way they were when I wrote them in my bathroom 🙂 haha…before they were fattened up in the studio. I am taking my guitarist, Chris Staines, with me. His guitar and his playing really compliments mine. We also have a few festivals lining up this summer including Battfest which is on August 9th, 10th, and 11th. It is held in Brighton and is both live and streamed online to a ridiculously huge number of people. A few big names are involved which always helps pull awareness. There is a tour of the UK in the pipeline so watch this space!

  1. What can we expect from your live shows? Can you tell us more about your band? (Introductions etc)

Me and my band always have a great time on stage. A good old laugh. They are all 30 years ahead of me in age and I think that contrast works really well.  They are great male role models for me and they make me feel safe and protected. My drummer Wol Webster is a real jokster and can turn the most serious situation into hysterical laughter! Haha…I don’t like to ever take things too seriously because I think you can lose sight of the point which ultimately is to enjoy what you do and have fun! Wol is not only an incredible person…but his drumming is exceptional and I bossed him around for weeks….all of them…before finding out they all were more heavyweights in the industry than I ever twigged.  Chris Staines, my lead guitarist, can play a stinging solo on his lead guitar in his sleep and he continuously surprises me with new elements and riffs he adds to the songs. Rob Maylan on bass guitar is so reliable and one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. We recently have been joined by percussionist Martin Ditcham, another heavy weight in the industry, who is so easy to get along with and adds so much texture and beat and rhythm to the songs with his congas and tambourine. He’s got a mysterious bag FULL of shakers, bells and sticks haha.

  1. Who inspires you as an artist?

I continue to be inspired by Amy Winehouse because her music is listenable but also danceable – meaning it makes you want to move whilst it maintains meaningful content i.e. music that has 5 words repeating on an electronic cookie cutter beat! I love the way Amy’s music like the song ‘Back to Black’ makes you feel good even though the lyrics are most often about the pain and heart break she had gone through. That is why I love music. You can express the deepest most heart wrenching emotions but with uplifting beats and melodies that inspire and motivate people to feel and be better people. Michael Jackson’s music did this for me. I think that since Amy and Michael…there has been a gap in the market for popular music that has these dual qualities.

  1. Any bands in the charts at the moment that you would like to work with?

I would love to work with Coldplay and Snow Patrol. I feel they have a cooler energy playing through their sounds and melodies and I would love to know what my warmer stylings would sound like paired with theirs. Who people are as people is also very important to me and I think they all seem like very grounded musicians and human beings.  James Morrison has always intrigued me for his writing style so I’d love to work with him as well:-) As for female artists…hmm…let me get back to you on that one…


  1. If any of your songs could be on the sound track to any films what would you choice be?

I’ve left this question ‘til last as it is quite difficult. I can’t think of a particular movie but why don’t we write one to fit the album! Ha! I imagine the movie would be a mix of light heartedness and comedy but with spells of thought provoking drama where the characters go through a hardship but the hope prevails!!!! I have a song I wrote inspired by my love of men and food called Taste Revolution…I think it would fit well in the movie Ratatouille!

  1. What is next for you?

Well, I am hoping that this year is the year of change and movement for me and for the band. I want to get myself and this first album out there in the public eye by performing bigger venues. I’m dreaming for international exposure so that I can keep creating music in the near future that changes the world and makes people feel good…uplifts them and inspires them to be better and to feel better about themselves and their lives. I feel that there are many avenues to give beauty and joy back to the world and I believe the way I will do this is through the music!





Some of you may have heard of Stephen Hunt as former Neighbours actor Matt Hancock but for most you will know him for his live shows as a singer songwriter and countless charity work that he is involved heavily with. Over the last few years Stephen has been learning his craft building his own studio and recording his current E.P which is available to buy right now from as well as working on his career pioneering the transition of traditional television marketing to the internet which Stephen will talk about more within this interview.

Music Promotions would like to thank Stephen for taking time out to talk to us about his new EP, touring, charity work, his inspirations and more.

Remember to keep updated with all of his latest news and download your copy of ‘Listen’ at


1.Can you tell us more about your new EP? How long have you spent writing and recording it?


It’s been a long time coming but is really exciting now that it’s all locked and loaded. Back in 2004 I released an independent 7 track E.P in the UK called ‘the light’ which sold close to 5700 copies.  It was recorded in a bedroom (and bathroom randomly) with virtually no budget.  Only one track from ‘the light’ has survived to feature on the current E.P ‘listen’.  As in independent artist it took me a long time to save up the investment required to record professionally but it was worth the effort.


Back in 2010 I took a break from work to track out all the songs I had written in a make-shift home studio.  I bought a copy of Logic (music recording software) and set up in an empty house at Lake Macquarie for a week of tracking and experimenting.  I got a load done in that session but it took several months of additional work from a spare room while living with my parents-in-law before I could take a step back and have a listen to a really long demo CD.  The new E.P is a collection of 6 songs selected from the 56 tracks I ended up laying down in that period.


I workshopped the chosen demo tracks with Producer, Pianist and good friend Scott Aplin until we knew what we wanted the E.P to sounds like.  The next phase saw us move into Sydney’s Linear Studios for 3 days of recording and 3 days of mixing leveraging an array of great musicians Scott had worked with previously.


The preparation worked to my advantage as we got efficient use out of the studio time leaving sufficient budget to get the mastering done at Abbey Road Studios in London.  The mastering polished things off perfectly leaving a professional debut that I’m really proud of.


These songs drop into the singer/songwriter category with lyrics that require a little attention to follow and musical phrases that add the odd surprise.  They were chosen not because they were the best or most likable tunes I’ve written, but because they create a particular mood when heard together as an E.P.


Those who have seen me perform live will know I’m a pretty versatile musician who plays several instruments and shifts across a variety of styles from song to song.  I can get down and dirty in the blues or rise up into some groovy funk.  The ‘listen’ E.P represents the softer side of my sound and the more personal side of my songwriting.


2.Will this just be an Internet release or are you planning a more mainstream release later on with a full album?


At this stage, the E.P is only available through online channels though physical copies can be bought from my website ( or at gigs.  I created my own record label (Rivas Records) that has signed two other artists already and will be looking to sign publishing and distribution deals once I find the right partner companies though I’m in no rush.


I would love to progress to recording a full album since I have more than enough material but funding it will depend on how successful this E.P is and finding the time to record it will be stretch for the next year or two while I raise my son.  That said it’s not about money for me but following my passion.


You can actually download a digital copy for free from the website if you’re unable to make a financial contribution for it.  I make enough from my day job to get by and just hope to earn enough back through my music to support me playing live gigs and writing more songs.  My hope is that listeners will enjoy what they hear and introduce ‘listen’ to their friends and family.


The songs are also accessible across a variety of platforms including iTunes and Spotify with UK listeners taking the most interest so far.


3. Any actual single stand out tracks?


The first track (“In my head”) is the ‘single’ that I’m pushing to the radio stations. It’s a bit of a journey with some really beautiful cello parts that drop in after the first chorus.


“Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” (track 3) rocks out a bit more and is my 2ndfavourite from the E.P.  I get the most positive feedback from critics about “All in All” though “Harder to Change” has the best lyrics for my mind.


The last track (Precious Moments) is a special song since it was written about my awesome wife but my objective favourite is “Control”.  It’s a sweet song that seduces you before erupting into symphonic glory.


4. Who inspires you as a songwriter? Any artists/bands in the charts that you would like to work with? 


I love Neil Finn and Diesel (Marc Lizzotte) as songwriters though I don’t follow either of their styles in my own writing too much.  Sigur Ros made a big impact on me a few years back and you can see their influence in songs like ‘Control’ where I dabbled in some big orchestral sounds. I’d love too collaborate with Lior or Paul Kelly some day and have actually written a song with Paul in mind.


Josh Pyke went to primary school with me and blew me away with his first two records.  There is some inspiration borrowed there for sure and I look up to him as the type of lyricist I’d love to become.


Holly Throsby was another school-mate who influenced my style and we should pay tribute to the Stone kids who don’t necessary influence me but we did go to music classes together in Primary School.  Jake Stone has made a name for himself as front man of Blue Juice and Elana Stone has done a stellar job of carving her own path.


My favourite band is ‘Whitest Boy Alive’ who inspire a lot of my more funky songs in the live shows.  I also have a deep love of Reggae Dub from New Zealand (Fat Freddy’s Drop or The Black Seeds) and South America (Godwana or Los Cafres).


5. Would you ever consider the X factor/voice route in either a judging/mentoring role?


I’d never say never if it made sense but for now I am content doing what I do.


6. You do a lot of charity work, can you tell us more about the projects your involved in?


Sure.  I am a bit of a hippy at heart.  I used to have the dread-locks and the tie-dye shirt in my teenage years but these days I still stand by the idea that you are only happy when you give unconditionally.  If you take, take, take, it stresses and depresses you.  If you give….even just once…you feel on top of the world.  It is the act of selflessness itself that promotes a smile even if no one else knows you’ve done anything – deep huh?


So in practice, I give cash to causes when I can but prefer to donate time and effort.  HIV/AIDS is still my cause of choice since I lost an Uncle to an AIDS-related illness when I was 15.  This led me to swim the English Channel in 2002 and the Gibraltar Strait in 2005 to raise funds for the AIDS Trust of Australia.


In between the swims, I met an inspiring young woman named Alischa Ross who was doing some amazing work in preventative HIV/AIDS education targeting young people.   We worked together to launch a not-for-profit she had conceived called Youth Empowerment Against HIV/AIDS (


I would love to swim around Manhattan Island (NYC) or from the North to South Island of New Zealand but my main focus is my family and there isn’t much capacity for something like that in the immediate future.



7. Have you considered a move back in to acting or is music you full on focus You have been in various different bands in the past would you go back to being in a band?


Anything is possible. At the moment I have a great career pioneering the transition of traditional television marketing to the internet and see many more years leading their Australian operation.  Acting and playing music were things I always considered hobbies or passions rather than jobs and I expect they will both feature throughout my life as age puts no limitations on either.


8. Do you have any live gigs coming up? What can we expect from your live shows?


Yes!  I’ve been playing a lot this year at local beach bars like ‘The Courtyard’ in Coogee where I had a summer residency or ‘34 Degrees South’ in Bondi.  I just opened the Australian premiere of the film ‘Cloud Atlas’ at the Bondi Open Air Cinema to a full house (500+ in the crowd).  Loads more to come so check out my site for details (


At my live shows I either bring in a special guest and share the show with both of us playing our own songs, play solo-acoustic or I’ll get the band back together and do a full showcase of my own music.  My influences go well beyond what you hear on the E.P so expect to be subdued, serenaded and funked before you rock out.


9. Any plans to return the UK for any live gigs etc? 


Yes.  More than half of the people who have bought or downloaded my E.P are from the UK so I’ll definitely follow that up.  I used to play all over the country when I released ‘the light’ and will get back when work allows the break to do some local live shows for the growing audience there.  Last year I was in town for the Olympics and did a few gigs at bars around Hampstead and Highbury where I used to live.


10. What is next for you? 


I’m going to spend the year playing a few festivals and building the fan base with my E.P.  I am loving my job and being a Dad so they are my top priorities…aside from my wife of course.  I love my music and have recently come back to the piano as an instrument of choice so look out for some new songs driven from the keys rather than the guitar at my gigs

Australian born singer Bowie Jane is a breath of fresh air to the music scene, with honest up front lyrics, feel good style and excellent vocals the release of her UK single Luv Bomb won’t go un noticed when it is out on the 11th March.

Bowie Jane recently took time out from her very busy schedule to chat with Music Promotions about touring, Luv Bomb, Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Championships, music admiration’s and more.

Stay updated with Bowie Jane at


1: Your single Luv Bomb is there a story behind it?

It’s about being best mates with someone, hanging out with them all the time and then they decide to wreck the friendship by taking it further. They drop the good old “luv bomb” on you after a few drinks!
2: Is Luv Bomb a good indication of what we can expect from you?

Yeah we have some great tracks coming… lyrically my songs are all telling a story (sorry ex-boyfriends!). I write the lyrics straight after something happens in my life… so the story is fresh and real! It’s really hard to write lyrics when you aren’t feeling passionate about something so as soon as I feel it, I sit down and write.
3: What are your expectations towards UK chart success?

I absolutely love the music that comes out of the UK. I think Luv Bomb will do well there because the UK audience have a  great understanding and love of pop – Luv Bomb is pop with a twist. I can’t wait to perform again over there…
4: Are there any artists that you feel you have a similar style to? Any bands/solo performers that you would like to work with?

I guess lyrically my songs have a bit of a Lily Allen angle. Perhaps I’m somewhere inbetween Lily Allen and Katy Perry…. I think the sound is unique so I’m not sure who I would relate it to!!

I would absolutely love to work Robbie Williams – he is such a fantastic performer. There are also quite a few songwriter/producers I’d love to work with like Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Adele).
5: Have you already decided on the follow up single to Luv Bomb?

Yep! I’m really excited about it as it too has a really cool unique sound but is still pop. I love melody and lyrics that aren’t too generic. So it’s sitting there waiting to be released but first I’m excited to let the world hear Luv Bomb.
6: How was performing at the Australian Grand Slam?

It absolutely went off. I had so much fun on stage. We had the whole audience involved and it was about 27 degrees. There was a two hour wait in the queue to get into the music area where I was singing so I had to not only perform to the people in the audience, but also those waiting in the queue. It was just so so fun!
7: How did you find touring in the UK? What has been the reaction so far? Any favourite venues?

I love doing festivals. The bigger the stage the better! I sang at Homelanz Festival in London which was really cool. Great crowd and I sang a few of my unreleased songs so it was good to watch their reaction and work out what songs go down best. I perform heaps in Australia so I know what works in Australia but the UK love their pop even more so it’s great performing over there.
8: What is a Bowie Jane live concert like?

I love to get the audience involved so the crazier the better. I’ve seen some photos of me on stage and I literally am about half a metre off the ground because I jump around on stage so much. And then I wonder why I’m puffed! Need to restrain myself….
9: When can we expect your debut album release?

I will release the album after the release of a few more singles. We have heaps of songs waiting in the pipelines. I would love to put a few acoustic tracks on there too but I have heaps on in the first part of the year in the UK so we will be concentrating on that first.
10: Would you have ever considered the Voice or X Factor Route? Judging role maybe?

I love every part of releasing a song and I really like to be heavily involved in every part so at the moment, I probably wouldn’t go on those shows because they usually have a set path for the artist to go down but I will certainly never say never! I think those shows are great for giving artists exposure and it’s good for everyone at home to watch the process. It also means the artist isn’t so reliant on being “discovered”. It gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their talent.

A judge? For sure! That would be great… probably a bit stressful but yeah I’d love to do that! It would be unreal to see a performer progress through the show and then have success after.
12: Do you have any live gigs coming up? Possible supports you can talk about?

There are some discussions going on at the moment for some very big supports but I am sworn to secrecy… will just have to wait and see what happens with that one.

I’m doing a tour of the UK in March 2013 which will include radio interviews around the country as well as public appearances. My website will have it all listed at

In the UK Summer I’m in discussions to sing at quite a few festivals so when they are locked in, they will all be listed on the website too.
13: What is next for you?

I arrive in the UK in March and then will be there for most of this year. We will be focusing on the release of Luv Bomb first then doing heaps of radio and gigs. I can’t wait!

Jessica Clemmons Review… Interview coming very soon


As a support singer you are warming up the crowd ready for the main band, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that when US singer Jessica Clemmons was introduced the stage at the Royal Concert Hall she was the main headline act, with incredible stage presence, confidence and the ability to work the crowd leaving them wanting more.
Bringing to the stage her incredible set of songs showcasing her amazing vocal ability.
What a voice perhaps a mixture of Adele and Beyonce, so powerful. Singing from the heart you can feel the energy, the passion and the fun that Jessica brings to her music, each song tells a story, listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion enjoy the show.
Mixing her own music with some Motown which blows she the roof off! Intimate venue interacting with the crowd you know that it wont be longer before its the Jessica Clemmons tour with support…
2013 will be the year that Jessica Clemmons hits the mainstream keep a date ‘Free’ in your diary.

Jessica Clemmons is on Facebook and twitter feel free to add her and join in the journey that takes you in 2013!

Pixie Lott Blast from the past interview, incredible career for a talented singer, Pixie Lott singer, Fashion line and Movies is there no end to the talents of Ms Pixie Lott keep updated with one of the sexiest popstars in the UK at her official website


Cry Me Out is a different direction from Mama Do and Boys and Girls, How do you decide on what the follow single’s will be?

I think it’s good to release a introduction song to start with, Mama Do and Boys and Girls young and cheeky and fun, then follow up with a ballad, it has a real xmas feel to it, it’s good to be able show a different side to me.
What is the Story behind Cry Me Out?
Cry Me Out is about a boy who’s done you wrong, it has a real positive message, girls not being depressed about a break up telling a boy i’m not going to be the one who is upset you can Cry Me out, It has a good meaning.
How do you decide on the music video concept?
I like to match each song to the music video the video has a more mature outlook it is in black and white there’s more emotion there’s also a Xmas feel to it.
Having your first two single and album all debut in at no1 is there alot more pressure on you now?
No, not really i’m really grateful to all the amazing support i’ve had i don’t feel any extra pressure  i’m just happy to be doing what I’m doing, i really want to prove my self, release a lot more singles and show different sides to me.
Having been support to The Saturdays when can we expect a headline Pixie Lott tour?
Hopefully in May next year i’m really excited.  Entertaining being live is defiantly my favorite part of what i do.
Any more support slots coming up?
No support coming up i’m got some random gigs with other artists but no more supports coming up.
Where can we see you live?
I don’t think i have any gigs coming up until the new year, i’m currently promoting Cry me Out and i’m off to LA on sunday.
Have you got any plans to break the US market? I’m going to be releasing in the US next year  it’s not to long away heavy promotional schedule i’m really looking forward to it.
Will you be releasing any more single from Turn It Up after Cry Me Out?
Yes definitely Gravity will be the next release after Cry Me Out lots more potential single to come.

Do you have a favorite song which you like performing live?

I love performing all of them, i can really get in to character and show different sides to me.
What are your plans for the rest or 2009 start of 2010?
I’m going to be writing some new tracks with my favorite song writer i have my next single coming out in February really busy time coming up which i’m looking forward to.
Any messages for your fans?
Thank you so much to every one who has helped me i’m really grateful, I love all my fans and i can’t wait to meet you all.
Keep up to date with all the latest Pixie Lott news only at her official website

Hailing all the way from Canada and storming in the UK charts at no1 with her massive smash hit incredible single Alone Again is MS Alyssa Reid.

All ready smashing the airwaves with Alone Again Alyssa will be back with the release of her irresistible debut CD The Game.



While over in the UK on a promotional tour Alyssa kindly took time out of her very hectic schedule to talk to Music Promotions about her debut CD, touring plans, How You Tube gave her the big break she has been working so hard for and much more.

First of all congratulations on debuting in at No1 on the ITunes chart, how does it feel to have reached No1 in the UK? – Thank you so much! It is incredible. I never would have expected the amount of support and success I am getting in such a short time!
Can you tell us about your new single Alone Again is this the sound that we can expect to hear from you? – Alone Again is a sample of an 80’s power balled called “Alone”, written with two versions. One, with verses I have written with co-writer Jamie Appleby (Owner of Wax Records), and another with a rap to replace the verses. I would describe my sound as urban, power-pop. Rihanna meets Adele.
Why did you decide to sample 1987 hit song Alone by the rock band Heart for Alone Again? – The song, as successful as it has been, was not meant to be “Alone Again.” I started off writing a completely different song, and without having a chorus, I brought it to Wax Records to demo. I was familiar with Heart, and loved their single Alone, and sang their chorus over top of the demo as a temporary filler. The label and I fell in love with the song as is, and released it not knowing it was going to react as profoundly as it did.
Can you talk us through your album? what can we expect from it? – My album “The Game” is a very diverse album, with songs ranging from acoustic ballads to mid-tempo ballads, to upbeat dance songs. The writing on the album is all based off of personal experiences and relationships and can be easily relatable to listeners of any age.
Which songs from your CD was your favorite to record and perform live? – My favourite song off my album is “Burned.” It is a song I wrote after my first serious breakup, and I love performing it because not only do people get to know more about me and connect to me through that experience, but I get to strip everything down to bare minimum and rely solely on my vocals.
You first got noticed through You Tube leading to your record deal what advice would you give to anybody new starting out? – I was very lucky getting recognized like I did. I put one video up just for fun one night, and it only took one person to see it and that changed my entire life. I would give the advice of performing where ever possible to gain experience, and of course, showcase your talent where ever possible. It only takes one view from the right person.
Did you consider going down the American Idol or Xfactor Route?- When I was very young, I was on a American Idol inspired show for kids and I think that experience turned me away from that. At the end of the day, those shows are about tv, and what makes good television. As much as it is great exposure to be on a nationally broadcasted show, I never felt like the music came first.
Being a songwriter what inspires you musically?- I am very inspired by personal experiences. I have a very vivid imagination which helps me take one experience, and dissect all the details and make a story of it.
When can we expect the follow up single to Alone Again?- You can expect my second single for late Spring. It is called “The Game” and is exactly that. A follow up to “Alone Again.” It gets to show people my stronger, more self assured side, in contrast to the vulnerability Alone Again expressed.
Have you got any UK tours coming up that you can talk about?- The details are being kinked out right now, but I can definitely tell you I will be doing performances through-out the spring, followed by a tour later this year.
What is next for you? – Because of the incredible support from the UK, I have been given opportunities to branch out world-wide and share my music in a way I never thought possible. Hopefully, a world-wide tour is to come in 2012!
Any final messages? – I would just like to say thank you to everybody who has picked up a copy of “Alone Again” on itunes, or simply heard my music on the radio and internet and enjoyed it. Your support means everything to me and is the reason I get to do what I have always dreamed of!

Matt’s brand new single It’s Only Love taken from his second album is out on the 29th October 2012

Matt Cardle Interview:

X factor winner Matt Cardle has had the biggest selling single with When We Collide, a number one album, hit singles and now about to set of on the road for his first headline tour with so much going on Matt very kindly took time out to speak to Music Promotions about his tour plans, that all important second CD, Celebrity Juice appearances and more.

For a full list of tour dates and all the latest on Matt go to his official website:

How are Rehearsals going for your first ever tour- anything that you can tell us about your own stage show? What are you most looking forward to about this tour?
Amazing, we have literally just finished rehearsals, I can’t wait to get out there and perform, it will be nice to be on the road meet all the fans and translate with a live band performing all the songs from my album and a mix of songs just for the tour.
With the success of your debut album, will there be any more singles released and have you been working on your second CD?
I am always writing songs and in the process of the 2nd album i think after the tour ends we will be hitting the studio and focusing on the new CD, I don’t think there will be no singles after Amazing.
As a song writer who inspires you?
Chris Martin is amazing I would love to work with him, After performing with Rihanna on the X Factor would you like to work with her again? Yes, there is lots i would like to do with Rihanna! I would love to perform with her.
Like Olly Murs would you ever consider a presenting role on the X Factor? Is this something you would be interested in?
No I wouldn’t, I couldn’t, I can’t even read an auto Cue, i think Olly is great but its just not me.

Being the X Factor class of 2010, Have you been watching the contestants from the latest series what do you think to rest of them who have came out from it?

Absolutely, to be in the 1000’s and 1000’s who audition getting down to the live finals and to win is Amazing, it is hard work and a fantastic opportunity, I take my hat of to them.
You recently went on Celebrity Juice, What was that like is Keith Lemon really that crazy? Would you consider going on any other shows like Top Gear ?
It was fun, he really is that crazy, Lee Francis wasn’t even in the building it was just Keith Lemon it was a really good laugh, I would love to go on Top Gear if the opportunity came up I love any chance to perform.
Can you tell us more about your single Amazing is there a story behind it?
Amazing is about being found, somebody finding you, it is the most Amazing feeling being happy, it is a love song.
Do you have any nerves as the chart positions are announced?
I don’t think about single sales, it more about album sales, i would rather have a big selling album, the singles help to sell the album, you can have top ten singles but the most important thing is to sell albums.
Any final messages?
Thank you so much for your love and support its been Amazing come see me on tour I can’t wait to see you.