Charly Everyone Is Pretty When They are 18

Meet Charly the newest female singer to emerge on to the music scene and own it with her country summery single ‘Everyone Is Pretty When They Are 18’


With a single that is an instant singalong summery uplifting song added with amazing vocals and a killer video which is also available on Vevo Charly is the one to watch out for this summer.

With a vocal range that has seen her make the finals at the National Opera singing Championships you know she has a true gift to sing!

What makes Charly so creative? Who is she influenced by? What does she love the most about being on tour? plus more all uncovered in the interview below.


You started singing and songwriting since a young age when was the first time you thought this is it this is all I want to do?

The first time I thought this is all I want to do was when I watched the little mermaid when I was about 7 years old. When she sang it was so beautiful and I told my mum that I wanted to be just like her and be a singer.


Who inspires you as an artist? 

 People and their stories. I love to sit down with people and just talk. Listening to their stories what concerns them/makes them laugh/ makes them cry or makes them feel happy interests me and I get a lot of inspiration from that.


What made you want to get into the country music industry? 

I always loved country music. But I remember driving down the streets of L.A listening to the radio station go country 105 that’s when I really felt like “wow that’s the kinda production I want for my music” it made me feel a lot of emotion, that’s when I realized it must be right for me.

You have lived in many different places, where is your favorite place to live/travel?

I love traveling all over the world. I don’t have a favorite place. My favorite place is where my favorite people are. And that always varies cuz they travel too. I feel like I can make any place in the world my home. 
It’s about the people around you. Home is where the heart is.

 You were in the finals of a national Opera singing championship, would you ever release a single that fused the Opera and Country genre together?

I feel like opera is a thing for itself. It’s very re-creative. You don’t write your own music. You sing other people’s music. That’s what eventually drove me away from opera and towards country music. It was a great experience though and helped me develop a really goo re-creative. 

You recently went on a mini school tour, how did you find that?

I loved doing the school tour I had a blast with everyone there. It’s the best thing to play for people my age or even younger. They’re so open and have so much fun and so did I.
Playing for younger people and sharing my experience with them is beautiful cuz it makes me feel like a big sister to them.They ask me for advise and I love to help them out or just talk to them about their experiences. 

What was the best thing about the tour?

The best thing about the tour was the feedback for the songs. Everyone told me what their favorite song was, they sang along to some of my songs they already knew. That was definitely the best experience ever. To have them sing my songs back to me.

Have you got an album ready for release? 

Yes the album is ready for release. Right now we are going to release the first single off the album which is “trouble”. I’m really excited for that too!!

Do you have any plans to tour? 

I would love to tour if I could all over the world. Right now I’m still doing music videos for the songs on the album but once they’re released I hope I can do a tour. That would be a dream come true for me.

What music are you currently listening to? 

I listen to all kinds of music. Hip hop, r&b, pop and even classical music

Are there any bands/artists that you would like to work with? 

I  would love to sing together with Bruno Mars. That’s been a dream of mine for a long time. He’s an incredible singer!

What do you like to with your spare time?

In my spare time I hang out with my friends and family. I love going to the mall, watching movies and shopping at flea markets. That’s my favorite. They have all the vintage stuff I’m in love with.

How did you feel when you found out that VEVO were supporting your single, Everybody’s Pretty When They’re 18”?

 I was incredibly happy and grateful. We put a lot of creative thought into the music video and everyone on set bust their ass to make it absolutely amazing and to get the message across. When VEVO decided to support the video I felt like they saw our vision. That was amazing!

What is next for you?

Right now We’re making the music video for “trouble”. I’m really excited about that. 
And after that the single will be released.
My close dream is for the single to be played on radio stations in the U.S especially go country 105. That’s my favorite country radio station and I want them to play my song so bad!