Cover Drive

The sexy Barbados 4 piece Cover Drive are back with their epic new single Love Junkie out now

From bring us the fun sexy slick singles Lick Ya Down, Twilight and Lovesick Reddim, Cover Drive return with their new single with a slightly more mature sound which shows how much they have grown as artists since breaking through with their first no1.

They are independent, they work in house writing and recording every detail is 100% Cover Drive decided you can feel the close connection they have when you listen to them whether it be through the music video, CD or live with every song you get something new and fresh. Keep it Cover Drive and you won’t be disappointed.

Music Promotions was lucky enough to meet up with two very down to earth and friendly members from the band as they arrived in London to discuss their new single, album plans, more tours, films and more.

Thank you to Amanda and T-Ray for a brilliant fun interview.


Cover Drive

Can you start by telling us more about Love Junkie?

Love Junkie is the first single from our 2nd single out now, we are really excited about this because it has been a while since we have released music, in terms of releasing our first and second album we released the EP because the fans were saying its been to long when are you releasing and we did Lovesick Reddim last year and now it’s time to release a new single and album and its completely done in house, written, produced and edited in house and we are really excited about it.

Having had a no1 with Lick Ya Down and big hits with Twilight, How Important is chart success to you?

Number ones are obviously awesome and that proves that your music is being recognised and connecting with a certain fan base but we have been independent now for two years and our main priority is to meet more people and broaden our fan base so while a no1 is still important to us and that is cool to have it isn’t necessary the most important thing for us right now, we have never expected to have major chart success with our first album that was totally un expected and its great thing and we are so grateful to have that but what we aim for is to have a big fan base and giving our fans what they want and just being able to do what we love and we get to do that every day to us that is success.

When will your album be released?

The album we don’t have a date yet, it is definitely coming out this year we are working on it because we do everything in house it takes a little longer we are very critical of our own work.

Being independent you have complete creative control?

Over everything,(T-Ray) i produced Love Junkie and the majority of the album (Amanda) i write and co write with Kerrie our manager all of the music videos have been done in house directed and edited by our bassist its fun because we can take our time and we aren’t being told what to do and we get to do what we really want to do and make it our own and we love that.

From the success of your mini tour last year, have you got any plans for a tour next year?

We definitely want to do another tour here in the UK, currently we are on a massive US university tour so for the rest of this year we are going to be touring the states but we are going to plan to come back to the UK next year hopefully. (Do you think it will be the same venues as last years?)  Amanda: We haven’t actually discussed that yet but we do like the smaller intimate gigs because it means that we really get to see our fans and see all their faces if we did a stadium we would be able to see that, the big shows you don’t really get to see anything we love the smaller venues we connect much better and you have that intimacy.


If you could have any of your songs on the soundtrack of a movie what would you choose?

(T-ray)I know that our music wouldn’t necessary fit in this movie but we recently watched a movie called Edge Of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise that movie is nuts i mean i don’t know where it would fit but that would be pretty cool, (Amanda) Hunger Games for sure, the new Xmen that would be incredible and Pretty Woman that is one of my all time favourite movies and i think that our music would fit well with that i really do.

How much would you say your new album is different from the first one?

I think that the sound has defiantly evolved a little bit, you can tell with Love Junkie that it is more mature in terms of lyrical content chords and structure, we have been through a lot since we started, Amanda: we wrote our first album when we was 19 and 17 so that was a young and fresh album and we have grown a lot in the last 4 years and that definitely shows in the new material there is more story telling.


Can we expect a new series of weekend Lime?

Yes!!:-)  Were on season 8 now, season 8 has kind of being on and off because we have been so busy touring, doing the video and album but Weekend Lime is never going to finish we will do it forever we have been doing it for 3 years now i think that our fans have seen us grow up completely through weekend lime all the ups and downs we are never going to stop doing them.

Will you be doing any more fedora sessions soon?

Yes defiantly, i mean since we have been on the road we haven’t had time to sit down and film them but we have a whole bunch of new songs to record for your guys when we get back to the states.

What have been your favourite Fedora sessions?

Right now our favourite has been the Counting Stars One Republic cover, we did release that recently, Counting stars cover mashed up with Imagine Dragons.

What is next for Cover Drive?

We are releasing our new single Love Junkie now and our albums out later this year then when we go back to the states were doing the college tour.

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