Charli XCX has worked her magic around the country & the next stop was Sheffield’s Plug nightclub. Now she brought along Cuckoolander as her support & i got the privilege to be there when she warmed up the Sheffield crowd.

Now with their guitars, bass & drumkit. They certainly knows how to entertain. Holly the lead singer has the voice of someone who would do well in the power ballad dominated 80s.
Now I love rock in my life. The crowd were into them, I know cause I couldn’t hear for rest of the night. A nice mixture of songs, rock mixed with love songs. Holly showed her voice off very nicely particularly the long notes she had to hold. The guitar solos were good, never out of sync once as a unit. Very happy very passionate not strutting round like they own the place like some ive seen really down to earth. I hope they go further then they are.
Their type of music is definitely my cup of tea. But We have a similar group outhere called Cover Drive. But thats for more ill say pop & dance type music. Could it hurt to have a Rock like alternative? I would say it’d do no harm. So let’s see what they can bring with a full album.



How are you finding the Charli XCX tour?
It has been awesome really good fun her fans have been so welcoming its always really scary opening a show but her fans have been so supportive really getting into the music.

From touring as part of Charli XCX band to now being the support artist is it a lot more nerve racking?
I used to play Bass for her thats how we met, its mad its really surreal its amazing to be given this opportunity supporting Charli and still be in the family its really good a little bit scary but i really am enjoying it.

Any plans to work with Charli on any music?
We have done some sessions together all ready and thats always really fun so hopefully we will do some more we shall see what happens.

Do you have a new single coming out soon?
My EP came out in September last year and i am planning to put another EP out soon, I have been writing for the last few months so hopefully bring out a single and video in the next month or so.

If you could have your song on a film soundtrack what would you like it to be on?
I love Tarantino he is the best that would be awesome to be on one of his movies, My favourite movie is Braveheart but i think my music is against that (laughs)

How would you describe your own sound
Its quite DIY Lo Five i do a lot of recording in my bed room and at my producers bedroom as well so everything is DIY i guess throw it all together not to clean and see what we can come up with.

Are you working on a full length album?
At the moment i am just working on a few EPS to kind of develop my sound and publish songs see what is working at some point i would love to make an album that would be the ultimate goal.

Who inspires you musically?
I have a really musical family my mum is a singer and so is my sister and a songwriter so i have grown up with them, music wise i can listen to anything i grew up listening to grunge and 70’s funk and a lot of alternative and instrumental bands just a mix of different stuff really.

Any artists you would like to work with?
Wow there is so many i wouldn’t not work with any one, i hadn’t really thought about it that much but thats the thing you never know what you are going to come up with its quite nice to just see what happens.

After this tour have you any more live shows coming up?
No nothing after this one, i am playing Great escape Festival in May but that’s about it gig wise, the main focus is to get some more music out thats the most important thing.

Any plans for your own headline tour?
I would love to eventually but i don’t think that i would sell out venues this big yet maybe i could fill up a cupboard at this stage (laughs) Maybe after the next EP or 3 EP’s down the down the line more realistically speaking.