David Aldo

Meet David Aldo the artist known to the stars

with a huge international following, massive no1’s , big tours and a support slot with Lionel Ritchie, why doesn’t the UK know more about David yet?

Well stay patient because your about to with a brand new single and a album pencilled for next year plus countless other events happening the name David Aldo will be as well known here as to his massive all star following and international fan bases.


Just You available to buy November 3rd

Can you tell us more about who you are?


Well, I’m a singer songwriter born in Newcastle. I grew up in South Africa and live in Los Angeles. My mums English and my dads Italian. I’ve had loads of success with my songs in South Africa with many number 1 singles over the years but this is my first time releasing my music in the UK. I fronted the band ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ for a while and in the LA area, I’m known as the ‘Artist to the stars’. I support two charities, one assists people living with cancer and the other rescues kidnapped children out of the sex trade. I’ve toured with music legends like Lionel Richie and I’m on this earth to make a difference and bring a little light into people’s days.


Is your current single a good indication of what we can expect to hear more of from you?


I tend to write multiple genres of music although most of my songs are about love. I like to keep things fresh for me , so don’t expect to hear the same song over and over from me.


Have you got an album ready?


I have a 17 track album ready to go that will be released and distributed through Universal in early February 2015.


What can we expect from it?


There’s something for everyone on this record. Songs about love and life that will inspire and keep the listener interested the whole way through.


Who inspires you musically?


Gosh, this question is hard come to think of it. I’m naturally quite driven and I love creating and performing music. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from what I see to what I’ve experienced. I don’t need any motivating when it comes to music.


Who in the charts are you currently listening to?


I listen to a cross section of music. I like anything from Linkin Park to Michael Buble. I dig what One Republic and the Script are doing and wish I had a voice like Daughtry, if this gives you an indication. It’s my business to be on top of what’s going on in the world of music, so I don’t limit myself, although I’m not so impressed with where pop music has gone in current years.


Have you any live tours coming up?


I sing an average of 250 or more shows a year all over the US. I’m trying to drum up something for the UK in 2015.


How to you feel to be asked to perform for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Rod Stewart and Elton John?


It’s nice although I don’t idolize anyone. We are all the same. When I’m asked to sing at Rod’s house, it makes me feel respected as an artist.


From having 7 number one singles what are your expectations towards your music is there pressure on you?


I am so hard on myself musically it’s horrible. I think it’s so important to bring you’re A game when putting out and album or doing a performance. As an artist I obviously want people to love my art, so the pressure is always there.


How are you feeling about bringing your album to the UK?


I couldn’t be more excited. It feels so right.


From your career launch at Miss World how has your career changed and evolved since then?


Miss World was an amazing launch pad some 20 years ago. Live to over 100 countries help set the bar high. South Africa went through a rough patch in the second half of the 90’s and I had to find opportunities abroad, which was extremely challenging. I moved my family to the States in 1999 and started over. It took me nearly 5 years to get my feet on solid ground. All these experiences made me focused and worldly. Life is journey so you may as well enjoy the ride.


You have a lot of rock pop inspired songs who inspires you?


I’m probably inspired most by the artists that I listened to while shaping my musical identity at a young age. This would include Sting, Bob Marley, George Michael, Michael Bolton and U2 to mention a few.


Any future collaborations?


Rod Stewart and Lionel Richie have both displayed interest although it would probably be best for me to do a duet with a female artist. Any suggestions welcome, I’m taking calls.


From achieving so much what has been your highlights to date?


Touring with Lionel Richie was amazing and fronting ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ backed by the Louisville symphony orchestra was powerful. I love doing the big stuff as well as intimate settings with my pianist to a room that is engaged and soaking up everything that I am offering.


What is next for you


Being huge in the UK.


Any final messages


Life is short, love with all your heart the one your with.