David Souter

A first for Music Promotions as we move away from music for half n hour to interview with great honor personal trainer David Souter

Find out here the low down on David from what motivates him, his fitness advice, How long he has been a personal trainer and more. 

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Can you talk us through a day in the life of a personal trainer? 
David: My working day starts around 5am to walk the dogs, quick breakfast of eggs or oats mixed with apple juice (try it soaked over night and then throw on a dollop of natural full fat yoghurt) then off to the gym for my 1st workout of the day, then train my PT clients then 2 classes followed by another PT client.  Home to shower and then a huge meal to recover – chicken breast, chick peas, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, spinach and beetroot.  Head to my office and catch up with office work and some social media or design some new class/PT workouts/diet plans.  Quick snack of mashed banana with peanut butter, crushed oat cakes and some greek yogurt then off for my 2nd workout of the day followed by 2 more classes and 2 more PT clients.  Home for some eggs and mackeral, quick dog walk and bed for 10.30pm

What are your Heath goals/tips? 
David: To feel good and healthy, looking good is a by product of these.  My diet needs to improve – too many cheat days at the moment, but I’m on this now as I have set myself some tough goals throughout the year.  Tips – train hard and right up to your limits, NOT beyond – beyond is where you start to get injuries and then your training and diet will suffer.  Unless you’re going in the forces or an Olympian fat loss and fitness needs to be safe and effective – don;t beast yourself.

What advice would you give some one looking to train and get in shape? 
David: Take your time, your body needs time to change  Same with your diet small steps, if you fall off it don’t worry just get straight back on it!  Don’t judge yourself from what you see in the gym – you have no idea how long they have trained for or their history – only compete with yourself, each day become a better you

How long have you been a personal trainer?
David: I’ve been in the fitness industry since I was 17, so 26 years..wow I’m old!

How do you motivate people to stick with the gym etc? 
David: Everyone is motivated differently, its getting to know how people work – some need the stick, some the carrot, some need it to be fun and some more serious and focused if its more sport specific – and some just need someone to believe in them so they can start believing in themselves (sorry went a little Disney there!)

What are your fitness rules? 
David: I don’t like rules – that makes it like a job, however what I have always told my clients and instructors I mentor ” keep it safe and effective and if you can – make it fun and everyone wins” also (and my favourite) “there’s no finish line in fitness” – they’re my quotes so don;t go stealing them lol