Dj Dee Kimble

When he isn’t being a dj he is in the studio recording new music and creating his next single meet DJ Dee Kimble 

Back with his new single The Meaning Of Life, want to know more about it and his new EP and a whole lot more the full interview is below…

Can you tell everyone about your new single? Well this single I want to make a song everybody can relate too don’t matter your color, your beliefs, your rich or poor man or women or young or old because everyone wonders what’s the meaning of life. What’s my purpose? Why am I here? What is it I am supposed to do now. This song question God and life itself.

What was the idea behind this particular song?
Because everything that’s happening in this world I feel sort of frustrated this is me really talking to God. It’s not a praise or worship screaming hallelujah or even amazing grace. I guess you can say I’m complaining about life and expressing my feelings to the creator.

What comes first the music or the lyrics?
The lyrics always come first for me then you find that special sound that fits the mood and you make adjustments afterwards .

Is there an EP or full-length album coming? Yes, there will be in fact it’s called the “The Meaning of Life will be a 10 Song EP due to be release in the Spring/Summer 2019 It will also include my other singles “Insomnia” and “I Couldn’t”.

Are you working with other artists and producers on music?
Always, I love working with other artists/producers I feel we are a brother-sister-hood a union. We all love to share our art our talent to the world. Not to mention I learn a lot form them as well.

Will there be any remixes for this single? Or just the main edit?
There will be a couple of remixes of this song one will be free to download.

Do you have more releases coming good year?
Yes I hoping to release a song call the “The Possible” and also looking to release my first EDM song (its untitled) before the end of the year so stay tune

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