DJ Dee Kimble

Music Promotions is proud to publish this new interview with Dj Dee KimbleWho chats with us about his djing career, future DJ’s plans, Calvin Harris, bookings and much more full interview below.


How long have you been Djing

I been djing for 20 plus years 22 to be exact.

How did you get into Djing?
It’s a strange story but I started out dabbing into acting and stand-up comedy. I was getting a little buzz from the Stand Comedy but wasn’t really making the income to live on. One of my Stand-up comedy friends was a DJ and introduced me into the world of DJS lol.  Since I love music and enjoy all genres and gave it go. My first party was at someones back yard they were playing volleyball. And I provided inspirational motivating music for the game. They gave me 200 dollars and free food lol. I was happy  because the thought process is i get to do what I love and make money.  Afterwards I continue to grow my knowledge base bought my own equipment. I market myself well. And we we are today. I’m blessed that i am booked every single weekend.

How can you be contacted for Djing requests?
  I am very casual I like to think of myself of being for the people. people can contact me by phone 413-364-8106 I have 3 websites and DJ Dee Kimble the DJ on facebook.
Have you any plans to go the Calvin Harris route as a DJ?
In a perfect world yes but not only Calvin Harris because that is only one genre of music. I to covered it all Country,Dance,Rap,K-pop-Techno, ect. I would like to work with many artist and produce great remixes to songs and great sounds.
What’s has been your best Djing gig so far?
  I enjoy the kids parties for the reason as that they are young and do not care what anything body thinks they just want to dance and have fun. The saying goes dance like nobody is watching and young kids is not to cool for school if you know what I mean. That age group between 3-8 is the best group. These gigs is what I enjoy most.
Your also a singer songwriter and producer what advice would you give aspiring singers?
  Is keep pursuing your dreams perfect your craft. Most importantly market yourself. Good music needs to be be heard but you to push your music out there. With that being said. In the world we are living in today I think music needs needs to have a reason a why behind it. I don’t mean to criticize but being a DJ I hear a lot of songs where the artist is saying a lot of nothing.  Have a niche, have a why, we want to hear your story don’t Follow trends and you will have some staying power.
Where can your merchandise be purchased?  also you can email me at
Anything further you’d like to add?
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.