Emily Watts interview

Emily Watts a name you will be hearing more of this year, with her highly recommend EP finally coming out and touring plans you will have plenty chance to hear and see her. 



All These Years your EP Is out soon how excited are you to have it released?

It’s so good to finally release this EP into the world as it’s a collection of songs written over the past couple of years and all I want as an artist is for people to hear my songs. These new songs are straight from the heart so I’m really excited to hear what the reaction is from my current listeners and new fans.


How long did you spend recording it?

I released the first track, Where Are You Now as a single in 2016 which was well received and was played on BBC Radio 2, so I went back to the studio last year to record four more tracks with the same producer, Daniel Moyler. We spent a few days in the studio and then some more time adding the finishing touches such as backing vocals and baritone saxophone which you can hear on the tracks Resting Place and Island, which has become my favourite track from the EP.



What are the influences behind it?

I’m influenced by experiences that happen in my life – I’ve often heard my songs being described as very emotional as they do come from personal experiences which can seem quite raw at the time of writing. The EP explores themes such as fear, loss and love. The closing track, Island, is inspired by my first visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is a tidal island cut off from the mainland for half the day – it really struck me that we can be so busy in our lives and not take time to reflect so I really wanted to capture these thoughts and  feelings into a song.



Who’s inspires you?

I am inspired by female singer/songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush – they are true artists and have achieved so much with their music. I’m also a fan of Bat for Lashes, Beth Orton and I’ve been enjoying Lucy Rose‘s latest album recently.



You’ve had comparisons to London Grammar are you a big fan of their music?

I really like both their albums and I’m a huge fan of Paul Epworth who produced a lot of the tracks on their latest album.



Do you have any tours coming up?

I’ll be playing at The Finsbury in London on Tuesday 3 April to celebrate the release of my EP then I’ll be doing a tour of house shows – I’m really excited about playing my songs just me and the piano in an intimate setting where the audience can really get a sense of how they sounded when I first wrote them.


You’ve also written for other artists how do you decide which songs to keep and which to give away?

I think it’s really important to have the artist in the room and write with the artist – I like to encourage lyrics that come from them so they really believe in what they are singing. Then I usually come up with the chords and we work on the melody together. That way I know it is a song for them and not for me as I really value authenticity in songwriting. When it’s just me and the piano and the lyrics come from my heart I find it very hard to give those away and usually they are songs for me to keep for myself.


How does the writing process work for you?

Every song has a different story as to how it was created. I could start with a chord pattern and sing along until some strong lyrics come through, which is how Fires came about, or I sometimes write the other way around and start with lyrics that I’ve previously scribbled down in a book or saved on my phone and work the chord sequence around those, which is how Island was written.


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’d really like to work on an album next and also some collaborations working with other songwriters and producers. I’m also going to continue writing with other artists and seeing those tracks released into the world.


Final messages?

If anyone wants to keep in touch with my music and future projects you can follow all my social media accounts @emilywattsmusic