Exclusive Interview with emerging RnB star Sia Babez

Exclusive Interview with emerging RnB star Sia Babez is an Irish/Zimbabwean solo female artist, born in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland. Fast gaining a reputation in the music industry as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Sia has been working diligently on her new and upcoming EP ‘ Inception‘ which has been garnering the attention of various Grammy nominated Music Producers, A&R Executives and Management companies in USA, UK, Europe and Africa. In just under 2 months she’s attracted notable attention from the leading commercial radio stations in Ireland includinRte 2fm, iRadio, 98FM, Fm104 and Spin 103.8Reaching just under 2 million listeners in less than 2 months! Now Sia has a single out called ‘Hit My line’. We decided to find out more…

Could you start by telling everyone more about yourself as an artist?So basically I like to think of myself as a bit of a risk taker when it comes to my music. I’m very very versatile in my way of creating music and how I deliver it to an audience. I love and listen to all sorts of genres so I like the fact that I get to incorporate a few of them in one song. Hit my line for instance is rnb/ pop, whereas are you ready is pop with a bit of a Latin dance twist to it.

Is your song Hit My Line a good indication of your music sound and style?I think hit my line only shows one section of who I am as an artist. Like I said I like so many different forms of music and this is why I’m always changing my style and sound. I definitely want to stick to the pop side of things in the future, with different twists and turns every now and then. I like to be unpredictable when it comes to my sound.

As a songwriter what inspires you to write a song? How long did you spend writing and recording your EP?As a songwriter I can be inspired by almost anything. I’ve literally written songs about looking up at my four walls in my room all the time. I’m mostly inspired my people and places. Having different experiences in life is my main way of getting new ideas and material. Sometimes it can take me only 5 minutes to write a song if I’m really in a flow… but other times it can take me up to a month to find the right words to express what I’m trying to convey to my audience.

What can we expect when your EP is released?My EP is going to be called ‘Inception’, as this is basically the re-birth of my music career. I hope to show a bit of every one of my musical tastes. I also hope to shock people with the depth of some of my ballads, and then help them to loose themselves in my dance tracks.

Do you write for other artists?Writing for other artists has been a dream of mine for a long time now. I’ve always wanted to be a female singer to rights songs for both male and female singers, rappers etc. I hope to get into studio with a few artists over the next couple of months to get in a few writers sessions.

Who would be your dream collaborations?I would love to collaborate with a Latin artist like Jennifer Lopez or a pop queen like Ariana Grande. Years and Years have also been on my bucket list for awhile now.
What music do you like to listen to?I listen to every genre of music but my main favorites are pop/rnb/ reggae/ EDM/ Latin music/ hip hop and Afro beats

Have you any plans to tour? either support or your own intimate concerts?I’m in talks with a few artists about opening for them but I’m focused on getting my EP perfect right now

What has been the best concert you have been to so far?Seeing years and years perform live at Electric Picnic has been the highlight of my year so far

What are your plans for the rest of the year and going into 2020?I’m releasing my next single Are You Ready, working on my EP with a few producers, maybe do a few gigs, more interviews .

Anything you’d like to add that I haven’t asked within this interview?I just wanna say that my main message within my music is it empower, motivate and uplift people from within. I hope that one day I’ll get to tell my story to the masses and they’ll see that with the right team, hard work and dedication anything is possible.