Four Of Diamonds

Four Of Diamonds

Here are one girl band with a huge future a head of them, already supported Rita Ora on tour and released their brilliant new song Walk Away and with summer festivals coming up anyone going to see them you are in for a great time.

How was supporting Rita Ora, new single? Movies and much more, see what Four Of Diamonds had to say when Music Promotions caught up with them, full interview below.

How did you find touring with Rita Ora? (I did see you in Liverpool you were awesome) 

 Thank you!! Touring with Rita was just a taste of what we dream of. You can’t beat playing to arenas it’s the absolute goal and to be supporting someone as incredible as Rita Ora we couldn’t quite believe our luck! It was so great to get to know her and see her unbelievable work ethic. That girl never stops!- Lauren


How was your headline show at Borderline? 

 Oh my goodness it was AMAZING! A headline show is always very different as you know everyone there has come just to see us, so the reaction is always so overwhelming. We love performing, I can happily say it’s our favourite part of what we do The adrenaline of doing what you love and people enjoying your music will never get old! – Lauren


When can we expect your debut album? 

 All good things take time haha. We can’t wait to release a full body of work but we also are conscious that we want it to be the best it can possibly be. So you’ll have it as soon as it’s ready! And hopefully you’ll love it! – Sophia


Are your singles a good indication of what your fans can expect or is there something different in each song? 

Yes and no. Our music definitely follows a certain vibe, but there are a couple of tracks on there that are slightly different to the ones you’ve heard so far. Actually can’t wait for you to hear those because I feel like our selection of songs really shows off the different sides to our personalities and vocals. – Sophia


Do you have a new single coming out soon? 

 Yes! We are so excited to get moving with plans for our new single. The song is such a vibe, keep an eye out on our socials for more news soon…!!- Caroline


Have you any plans for your own headline tour? Any tour supports? 

  We’ve actually just done our own headline show in London which was absolutely amazing. We’re hoping to get another tour support sometime this year too which is super exciting for us. Supporting Rita Ora earlier this year was a dream! – Caroline


What had been the highlight of your careers so far? 

 Gosh there have been so many amazing moments! But for me I think a massive highlight was when we released our first single Name On It. We had been working on music behind the scenes for around a year and it was just such a thrill to release our first song after waiting so long. It was so surreal to listen to our own song on music platforms and also scary because the public hadn’t ever heard our own music. But honestly the response was just so great. We celebrated for the whole day and got to hear it on the radio too which was such an amazing feeling. – Caroline


If a movie was to made about your life so far who would you like to play you? 

 Hmmmm! Probably Rihanna because I love her and she also started her musical journey quite young like myself! – Yasmin 


If your music could be on the sound track to any films what would you like yours on? 

 I would definitely want stupid things on the Hangover. The song is perfectly suited to the film lol.


What music are you all currently listening to? 

We’re all obsessed with Beyoncé’s whole Lion King album! I’m Loving Mabel’s new song mad love and Simmer by Mahalia and Burna Boy!