Friends Like These

Swept away in a creative whirlwind, UK Pop band Friends Like These is making feel-good, energetic music with a bold, modern sound. The last two years of writing and performing together have helped develop and hone their musical style based on their eclectic influences. As well as being a polished live act, Friends Like These also shine in the studio; writing, recording, producing and mixing all of their own music. Their music captures everything across the spectrum of contemporary music, from the stripped-back, heartfelt songs with big harmonies, to songs with undeniable groove and melody.

Can you start by introducing your selves? 

 We are Friends Like These! We’re made up of Ali (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keys), Alex (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), Brian (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals), David (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), and Lowri (Drums and Backing Vocals). We’ve just released our new single ‘Good Time’, which we describe as pure feel-good Pop. We’ve all played music since we were young, with Ali and Alex going on to study it at university (Ali studied Music Production, and Alex studied Contemporary and Popular Music).

 What is the inspiration behind Friends like these? 

 We’ve been making music together now for a few years, and we’ve grown together musically. Friends Like These was us taking all the music that defined us and putting our own stamp on it. We really wanted to make the music we want to hear.

 Where did you shoot the music video for friends like these? 

 Our live video for ‘Good Time’ was shot at Loft Music Studios in Newcastle.

 Do you have an album coming soon?

 We don’t have an album coming, but we are working on releasing singles which will form our first EP. ‘Good Time’ was the introduction to our world, and our next single ‘Danger Us’ is coming soon!

 Who inspires you all musically? 

 We all listen to a lot of different music, but we all are inspired by: Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake.

 Have you any plans to tour soon? As headliners or support? 

  We are currently making some tentative plans to play some shows, but we have nothing set in stone yet (we’re really focused on writing and recording currently). We just opened the main stage of Weyfest in Surrey, ahead of acts such as The Christians, Aswad, 10cc, and The SAS Band (featuring Roger Taylor from Queen).

 What was the last concert you went to? 

 Most of us went to see Bruno Mars up in Glasgow in July. It was definitely eye opening, every song sounded killer and it was so good the stage nearly burned down!

 What is coming next for you? 

 More writing and recording! Stay tuned for more singles and maybe a cover or two!

 Any final messages? 

 Thanks for checking us out! Please follow us on social media and keep spinning our new single ‘Good Time’!

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