Germein Interview

Meet sister band Germein from Australia now based in the UK, read this interview Music Promotions did with them finding out more about their band, The Ed Sheeran competition, their latest single, touring with Little mix, Jess Glynn and Phil Collins plus much more


Can you start by telling everyone more about who Germein are?  


We are a three piece indie pop sister band from Australia. I (Georgia) play guitar and keys, Ella plays bass and electric cello, Clara plays drums – with our harmonies as a focus.


What is the story behind your single Little Part Of Me? 


‘Little Part of Me’ is about being in one of those broken relationships, where everything feels like it’s working against you – and it eventually just falls apart. It’s for all those who still think about ‘the one that got away’ and are kind of left wondering ‘what if’. We wrote, recorded, and produced this track in our home studio in South Australia.


What was the Australian music scene like when you was growing up? When did you decide to form the band? 


Music has always been something fun that we’ve shared together in our family. As kids we used to put on little shows for our grandparents and family friends when they’d come to visit. When we got a bit older we would busk on the streets, and eventually went on to play in the local pubs and music venues in our hometown. Our Dad played the trumpet in a New Orleans style rhythm and blues band, so we grew up going to his shows where the vibe was always loud, energetic, and fun. I (Georgia) wrote a lot of songs in high school and was performing solo for a while, but always visualised my songs to be performed with a band which led to the three of us performing together as Germein.


How would you describe your music sound? 


Our sound is best described as indie, pop, earthy rock. Our songs are pretty catchy and easy to sing along to, and our vocal harmonies are a big feature throughout our music.


What was it like touring with Little Mix, Jess Glynn and Phil Collins? 

What did you take away from each of those tours? 


We have been so fortunate to open for a number of incredible artists who have all been such brilliant performers and put on a super memorable show for their fans every night. We especially love the girl power vibe with Little Mix & Jess Glynne which has inspired us with what we’re doing, and just to share the same stage witha legend like Phil Collins whose music we grew up listening to, was truly an honour. All these tours have also been a great reminder to us of how far we’ve come with our band, and how anything is possible.


What has been the best concert you have been to? (Watching) 


Wow so hard to choose! A massive highlight for this year was probably Phil Collins – him and his band were absolutely insane live. Also we love the Isle of Wight Festival, so many incredible performers every year!


Have you any tours coming up? Headline or supporting? 


We are currently based in the UK performing our own shows all around – this week we are in Brighton, Swansea & Norwich. We have some shows in Germany a little later on, and then we will be coming back to the UK.


How much time do you spend in the studio writing and recording?


We write, record, and produce all our own music ourselves – which we have mostly done in our home studio when we are back in Australia on break from touring. Recently though, we have made our recording gear a bit more portable so have been able to write and record while we are on the road, which now we are doing pretty much whenever we have days off from tour.


Who inspires you musically either together or separately? 


We are all inspired by different musicians, ranging from country to pop to folk. We have been more recently compared to sibling bands like Haim, Tegan and Sara, and The Corrs.


Who on the music scene today would you love to work with? 


We would love to work with soooo many artists. Probably right now Ed Sheeran would be amazing, we love his songs, his sound and he seems like a super nice down to earth guy.


You have been shortlisted by Hoax to open for Ed Sheeran on the closing night of his Divide World tour, can you tell us more about the competition and what it would mean to you to open for Ed? 


We are incredibly excited to have made it to the grand final in HOAX’s competition to open for Ed Sheeran, taking place in Norwich later this week. The semi finals had so many insanely talented artists playing, and so to make it to the Grand Final already means so much to us. We have loved Ed ever since we heard his music –  I (Georgia) remember when I first heard ‘A Team’ on the radio when I was driving home one day, and as soon as I heard it I had to stop by the nearest music shop just to buy his album and listen to it on repeat. I remember when my sister Clara bought us tickets to see his show as a Christmas present the following year. It was one of the first bigger shows I’d ever been to, and we had the best night. It would be a dream come true to open for Ed.


What is coming up next for you? 


We are currently based in the UK and are continuing to play as many shows as we can to get our music out there. We also have some new music coming out soon so stay tuned J


Final Messages 


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