Unique, enthralling and totally unparalleled …..introducing stunning musical talent – Giulia – an incredible Italian singer/songwriter who offers a glitteringly quintessential sound of country-rock fused with a modern twist of pop.  A breath of sweet, indulgent musical genius, from a gorgeous Italian Juliette.

Born in Rome, Italy in 1989, Giulia had an eclectic and well-traveled childhood. The only daughter to Marco Doná dalle Rose, who was a professional polo player, and Flavia Persone who was a successful fashion entrepreneur, Giulia spent the first part of her life in Rome. At the age of 6 her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to follow her fathers passion and career in Polo. Attending British and American schools, Giulia became fluent in English and Spanish, as well as her native Italian.  So its hardly surprising that the music she went on to create captures all the ingredients, influences and exotic tales from a childhood, which was far from ordinary.

Simultaneously, Giulia saw 2015 as her debutant year on the world’s fashion stage.  Following the sudden death of her mother in 2014, who was a leading fashion figure, Giulia vowed to fulfill her mother’s wish to support a young fashion designer and catapult her to the ultimate heights in the industry, and so her relationship with Anna Sammarone began – a vibrant, cutting edge designer, whose work garnered mighty attention on the world-wide fashion circuit.  Involvement with the fashion industry in this personal way is perhaps not surprising given her heritage. In the late 1800’s her Grandmothers family built the first textiles company in Northern Italy. The company quickly gained notoriety, as evidenced through their partnership with superstar Italian fashion designer Valentino. After conquering the world of fashion, Giulia’s family decided to move into the world of wine by opening a prosecco and wine farm situated near Venice in Northern Italy.

Now moving away from the world of Fashion, Giulia has set her sights firmly on the music industry. She is back with a new album and it promises to be as playfully witty, and tonally beautiful as her previous releases. Feeling pressured by the fact that many of her friends were having weddings and children, Giulia felt compelled to write an album that was to put it simply – fun. She wanted the album to encapsulate her free spirit and her freedom as a woman, something that she works hard to ensure is always present. The songs on the Album are witty, and comical, and clever, and just so characteristically Giulia. The songs document experiences that encourage growth whilst at the same time reminding the listener to keep the freedom and passion you have when you are a child.

This is an album about freedom and about having a free spirit. It is so important for me to feel free as an artist and as a woman. It is an album about doing whatever you want and not being afraid about what people are going to say about it, this is my sound and I am not going to be scared about what other people have to say

With her new album being released imminently, and the suggestion of live performances in the not-to-distant future, Guilia looks ready to show the music industry who she really is. Fusing musical genius with irresistible style, there is no doubt that Giulia is a definite ‘one to watch’.


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