GTF New Band To Watch

GTF are a duo, breaking the boundaries pushing them selves forward and making a name for GTF with music lovers, all ready building a fan base and a celebrity following with Member Jay being a fitness coach to the stars.

GTF are the band to watch out and listen up with live shows and music releases. Music Promotions caught up with Billy and Jay Aka for a chat about their music plans, summer shows, charts and more.



1: Jay: We’re Billy & Jay aka “GTF”, old school friends from Bow in East London. We’ve always been involved in music individually, up until last summer when we collaborated on a track together for the first time. The chemistry was clear, so we decided to try a project together, alongside our producer DJ Fats. A year later we’re about to release a debut single!
2: Billy: The single came about by chance one day in the studio. We were listening to some new tracks, this one stood out, so we began working on some ideas. One of us went “oh ahhhhhhh”, we instantly recognised the melody from the Fleetwood Mac classic! After a few other ideas we decided to give the cover a try, but obviously with our own twist…so far everyone seems to like our modern interpretation, so hopefully it catches on!
3: Jay: It’s hard for us to say whether we think its easier or harder to chart these days as this is our first single, but trust us when we say the work rate is immense! No stone can be left unturned, it’s crazy, but we’re definitely up for the challenge.
4: Jay: Between us we have such an eclectic range of tastes in music and artists, and we use those flavours in all our songs.
     Billy: We get inspiration from the likes of Usher to Wiley, from Calvin Harris to Kings of Leon, Floyd Mayweather to Jay Z!!
5: Billy: There are so many artists & producers out there at the moment who we’re fans of, especially in the UK!
    Jay: Disclosure, Naughty Boy, and Adele just to name a few, it’s great to see such brilliant homegrown talent making big moves!
6: Billy: Our sound is definitely a fusion of dance, hip hop, modern RnB, and even some rock, so it’s hard to put a name on it. We usually call it Urban Dance…we like to keep the energy high!
7: Jay: I’ve been making music since I was in school, but it didn’t pay the bills! Other than music I loved to keep fit, so I became a PT. I made quite a few contacts via the music which helped me build my name in fitness. I’ve trained Joey & Frankie Essex, Chip, Joanne Beckham, Ronnie O’Sullivan, and Simon & Anthony from Blue, just to name a few…
8: Jay: If we were ever asked to be a judge or coach on a big tv talent show I think that would be the day that you can truly say to yourself  “Yeah, we’ve made it!” Haha!
9: Billy: We’ve got a really busy schedule in the coming months, some big shows & supports, which is great! We can’t wait to be on the road doing what we’ve worked so hard for, it’s just the beginning for us!
10: Billy: If one of our tracks made it on to a movie soundtrack that we be unreal! I can just imagine Harry Potter riding his broomstick to “Wanna Be With You” Haha!
11: Jay: What’s next for us? Well, I guess that depends on how hard we’re willing to work…and we’re truly grafters!
    Billy: Time will tell, but we’ve got a lot up our sleeves 😉