GUILLA interview

Meet GUILIA fresh vibrant music talent bringing her own music flavour to the front of the music scene.

Radio Junkie brings style, class, a new touch  of why music is so diverse and there is so much music out there so sit back and get lost in the music.

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Can you start by telling us more about Radio Junkie?

Radio junkie is a different song in my opinion at least compared to the other songs on the album.  People usually talk about their own personal experiences and feelings, but I believe there’s a whole world to discover and talk about which is imagination and not a self orientated view. By this I’m not saying Radio Junkie its an invention, but more a song about something (or even better), someone that is not myself.  This song isn’t about me.


How would you describe your style?

Let’s start by saying that I’m in love with all genres of music.  I’ve grown up in different types of circumstances which brought me to discover my own personal taste, which is more of a country blues rock type of style.  Of course I’m young and we’re in 2014, so I give a young fresh twist to this fusion of genres.


Is Radio Junkie a good indication of heat we can expect to hear from your debut album Raze Me To The Ground?

I personally think the album has a very strong taste and personality. We chose  ‘Raze Me To The Ground’ as the album name because we thought that the album is so strong that it could actually “raise to the ground” all the other competitors out there. So to answer your question, yes, Radio Junkie, its a perfect song for the album though is not the strongest one.


Having worked with some pretty big producers on your album, any plans to calibrate with any artists?

Yes, I would love to have some BIG features on the album.  As an Italian singer, songwriter Zucchero would be a proper one to ask for.


Who in the charts are you currently listening to?

At the moment I’m really into John Newman. He’s a very strong artist with a very unique voice and music style.  Nowdays being yourself and staying true to who you are is the hardest thing to be and I admire him because he manages to achieve this.


What are your expectations towards UK chart success?

In my opinion the album is very international and the UK is now so cosmopolitan that I hope there’s something in the collection of songs that will touch everyone.


What is your opinion of the UK music scene?

I think the UK music scene is very creative and constantly looking towards the future.  There’s always fresh vibrant sounds coming from Great Britain, it’s a great place to be with music right now.


What is a typical day for you weather it be in the studio or interviews etc?

No one day is ever like another.  But when I’m working on an album or a new song I tried to keep a sort of routine so that I can stay as focused as possible.


If you could have any one of your songs on a film track what would you choose?

I think the ‘Weigth of the World’ would be a good choice, it has the right weight.


Have you any live concerts coming up? Headline or support?

Hopefully in September I will be supporting the Peter Andre UK live tour, which will be really exciting.


What is next for you?

Hopefully touring the UK and really making my music come alive over here.


Any final messages?

Stay you stay true