Hannah Maire- X Factor 2015

Every one has a story, every one has a journey, and Hannah is no different from growing up in the Cotswold’s surrounded by animals to being stood on the stage in front of the one and only Mr Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw 

which to some would be scary but not Hannah she sang so elegantly so professionally and wowed them with her incredible vocals . 

Hannah recently took some time to speak with Music Promotions about the X Factor, future plans, Her favorite X Factor artists and much more.

Also a big thank you must be said to Team Midas for setting up the interview and all the incredible work he does. 


Hi there, as you know my name is Hannah Marie, i’m 30 and come from the cotswolds. I grew up surrounded by animals and had the naughtiest pony called Spring. Since i remember i’ve always wanted to be a singer, my first experience of performing was actually in the village panto playing the princess (very glamorous) I had a wonderful singing teacher called Sheila Harrod who has truly inspired me to follow my dreams and never give up.

X Factor has been such an amazing opportunity, it’s been a crazy few months. I entered the competition because even though I’ve been lucky enough to have done small shows, panto’s and backing singing i’ve never had ’the big break’. Singing in Wembley was the scariest experience of my life, Four thousand people are either going to be on your side or boo you, so you’re sat back stage praying that you don’t fall over or forget your words. so far so good!

My music style i think is a little bit of a mixture of my music heroes. Growing up my sister and I listened to Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey but I also have so much respect for classical singers. The training, technique and discipline they have blows my mind. But my true love is musical theatre and I aspire to people like Louise Dearman, Rachelle Ann Go and Emma Hatton ..I could go on and on.

I adore listening to strong female acoustic vocalists like Joni Mitchell, Emeli Sande and less commercial artists like Beth Hart. I really enjoy finding unknown artists and following there career, it’s inspiring to see their journey.

I’ve followed X factor in the UK and USA for a few years and there really has been some phenomenal talent. I always quite enjoy the ‘joke’ act but then to hear natural raw talent wherever they’ve come from and what ever their story is always exciting to follow. Leona Lewis, Olly Murs and of course Sam Bailey (my all time favourite), Alex + Seria from USA X factor are incredible.

Whats next for me?? well who knows, i can only hope that this journey continues. I really feel like the luckiest girl to be involved in this years X factor, thank you so much x factor, simon, cheryl, Rita and Nick for letting me even get this far.

Thank you so much to everyone that’s supporting me on this exciting journey, especially my family and friends!