Hot new Girlband North East

Girl Band North East may be new to the music scene


but they sure have been busy performing live at Party In The Park and for a charity event ( To which you can find out more about within this interview) Not only that they are preparing to go into the studio to record their first EP while building up their growing fanbase. Which will no doubt rise further as they support 911 on one of their tour dates in the coming months. 
Could You introduce your selves please?
Hi, we are Jasmine, Becca, Danielle and Michaela. 
How long have you been together as ‘North East’?
We have been together as a band for about 4 or 5 month now. 
What would you say sets you apart from other bands?
We think our band sets us apart from everyone else because we all have strong individual tones that mix so well and we love to write music and not many girlbands write their own music these days. We are also 4 best friends and have an amazing bond, which shows through our performances. 
How would you describe your music sound? 
Our music sound is very modern, we like to stick to pop, rnb, and ballads, but we always put a twist on most songs. We build our songs up with strong harmonies, creating a natural crescendo.
What have been your highlights since forming the band?
So far our main highlights would be, getting put together by Mr Dean Midas Maynard, performing at party in the park festival down in normanton and performing at St james park for kids with cancer.
Are you currently in the studio recording an EP?
We are not in the studio at the moment but we are planning on getting an EP recorded very soon, we all ready have a couple of songs lined up.
Who influences you all musically?
We listen to all different kinds of music but we normally love anything in the top 10 especially fetty wap trap queen! 
Are their any bands that you would like to work with?
We would all love to work with little mix because we admire how hard they work and we all just want to be as big if not bigger than the girls.  
Do you have any live dates coming up?
We will be supporting 911 at the O2 academy in newcastle in October, which is going to be amazing since jimmy constable is our co-manager.
If your music was on the soundtrack to any film which film would you like your music to be featured on?
Ooo thats a hard question. Maybe a chick flick or a romantic film or maybe even a comedy, since us girls are always making each other laugh, and we all love a good giggle! 
What is a typical day like for you
A typical day for us girls is for everyone to sleep at beccas house wake up practice, practice, eat, practice and then practice some more, honestly we sing 24/7 not because we have to for a gig or anything but because we love it so much! Music plays a huge part in all of our lives and now we are together as a band we all share that love we have for music amd singing! 
Big things are coming our way, so keep watch as north east girls are going to take over 🙂 follow us on twitter @NEgirlsofficial thank you so much! Xxxx