Hunter And The Bear

Hunter and The Bear have a fresh different unique sound like nothing you have heard before, with a diverse music genre not linked to anything or anyone else Hunter and The Bear are the band to watch out for.

Keep it Hunter and The Bear and you won’t bedisappointed


Can you start by telling us more about Hunter and The Bear?

1. We’re from all over the country and each moved to London looking to play music. We all met through either friends or at gigs me now travel around the country playing our own music to anyone that’s willing to listen! We’re in the middle of a busy summer of festivals and loving it.

How would you describe your sound?

2. Our sound is evolving all the time. We make music that we enjoy playing whilst experimenting with everything in the realms of rock, folk and country. We’re still learning about our sound all the time.

Can you tell us about your single ‘Pick Me Up’ ?

3. We wrote it at the start of summer. It was good timing as it wouldn’t have made it onto the EP had it come any later! We really love playing it live as it really grows as a song, getting pretty massive towards the end. We’re really happy with how people have been reacting to it.

You’ve performed at quite a few festivals, any favourites?

4. We’ve had such a great time playing festivals this year. We seem to be creeping up the running order which is always nice! We went all the way up to the Outer Hebrides to play HebCelt which was amazing. The crowds up there were so keen for a party! It was a lot of fun! We seriously struggled on the ferry back to the mainland..


Who in the charts are you currently listening to?

5. To be honest, we don’t really know who’s in the charts at the moment. I couldn’t name you a song from the top 10. The chart show isn’t something that we listen to. 6. The most played band in Vanessa (our van) always seems to be Dire Straits. It’s just too good! As for new stuff, we love Gregory Alan Isakov. He’s a great songwriter and has an amazing voice that can really tell a story. Check him out if you haven’t heard of him!

Are you currently writing any new material?

7. We’re always writing new music and pushing ourselves to get better. It’s awesome to be able to test out new material on festival crowds at the moment. There’s no better feedback than a live audience. So far we’ve had great responses to our new songs and can’t wait to smash them out in the studio!


Who inspires you musically?

8. We’re mainly into older stuff to be honest. Things like ‘The Band’, ‘Mark Knopfler’, ‘Led Zeppelin’. Individually we have some quite differing tastes going through jazz, blues, classic rock, metal and basically most other things.. We all just love good music. That’s what everyone likes right?!

If your music could be on the sound track to any film what would you choose?

9. Any Rocky film or any Bond film. Nothing else..


Any plans for your own headline shows?

10. Funny you should ask! We’re putting a tour together for the end of summer that will start in the Highlands and snake all the way down through lots of cities finishing up in London. We really can’t wait! It’s so much nicer when it’s your own event and you can set the tone from the start. It’s gonna be a lot of fun so keep an eye out for dates!


Where else can we see you live this summer?

11. We still have a whole heap of festivals like Belladrum, Loopallu, Galtres Parklands Festival. We’ll also have some gigs lined up in and around London for people to look out for. We’re always booking new shows too so we could be anywhere! We’ve started driving around on the M6 in our spare time, waiting to be told where our next show is..


What is next for you?

12. We’re gonna be back in the studio (this is a secret) recording some more of our newest stuff. Also, filming some really cool live sessions. We’ll be gigging as much as possible and heading out to some pretty amazing places like Vienna soon for a few sneaky gigs. Yes Vienna!


Any final messages?

13. Chris would like everyone to know that due to our recent run of shows in Scotland he has fallen in love with Irn Bru and shortbread.