Ingrid Michaelson

“It’s a genre that suits Michaelson to a T… music of stark beauty.” – Sunday Times Culture
“On a scale of one to 10, Ingrid Michaelson’s new record Stranger Songs is an Eleven.” – BBC
“Stranger Songs is worth getting to know.” – 4* Daily Mirror
“Stranger Songs showcases a vintage yet exciting sound for 2019.” – 4* OK!
“That’s the genius of Stranger Songs – a project that, in less skilled hands, could have been a one-note joke but which instead taps into that same vein of joy and nostalgia.” – the

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has delivered one of the most memorable projects of the year with her ‘Stranger Songs’ album – a collection of songs inspired by Netflix’s smash hit show ‘Stranger Things’. Released this summer, the album has amassed over 17 million streams, with playlist support coming at Spotify (including Chilled Pop HitsThe Office Stereo and Starbucks’ Coffeehouse) and Apple (notably Today at Apple and New Music Daily). It’s also amplified her profile in the UK with the single ‘Young And In Love’ earning an A-list at Radio 2.
Already established as a cult favourite, Ingrid boosts the profile of ‘Stranger Songs’ by sharing the new single ‘Jealous’. Listen HERE.
‘Jealous’ captures the two key traits that make ‘Stranger Songs’ an essential companion piece to ‘Stranger Things’. Musically it’s immediately engaging, with Ingrid’s gift for an insistent melody giving its contemporary alt-pop sheen a reflective ‘80s flavour. And lyrically it explores a specific scene from the show which fans can also relate to their own lives.
“‘Jealous’ was inspired by the moment in the show when Eleven knocks Max off her skateboard because she’s jealous,” explains Ingrid“She knows it’s not like her to do something like that, and I related. I admit that I do bad things when I’m jealous. I think it’s good to admit the things that you need to work on.”
Ingrid co-wrote ‘Jealous’ with Casey Smith (Jonas Brothers) and producer Cook Classics (Beyoncé), Jason Evigan (Maroon 5), and Gian Stone (Jonas Brothers).  It’s already proven to be a fan favourite with 3 million streams to date. 
After four Billboard Top 20 albums, countless song placements in everything from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to a Google ad, and co-writing the Cheryl Cole hit ‘Parachute’Ingrid Michaelson consistently sets the bar high. She’s also developing a musical adaptation of the best-selling novel ‘The Notebook’, which was later made into a much-loved film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.
Ingrid will play her first London show in seven years at the Union Chapel on November 12th, which has already sold-out. She’s currently embarking upon a North American headline tour which culminates with two homecoming shows at New York’s Webster Hall. Please see HERE for a full list of dates and ticket information.
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