Ivory Interview

Music Promotions recently interviewed Singer songwriter Ivory about signing to Justin Timberlake’s Artist development label, her music career, working with Ed Cash and Andrew McMahon and much more see full interview below.

What’s the story behind your new single ‘December’? 

December is a song about living through seasons in your life, from good to particularly dark and/or challenging, and seeing the beauty in it all. Appreciating what each season brings while knowing that it will never last forever.

Where was the video shot for ‘December’ how much creative input do you have into the making of your music videos? 

The December video was shot in Nashville with the incredible Dunlap Brothers! We only used two locations, a studio and a locally volunteered pool. I usually have a strong idea of what I want for a visual, but I like to leave room for professionals to come in and contribute their talents to the creative vision. In this case, playing with daisies in saltwater.  

Is this song a good taster of what we can expect from your EP ‘Confetti’?

Yes! Edd Holloway + Nick Atkinson produced three of the four tracks on Confetti, including December, so there’s definitely a sonic familiarity. Thematically, this single is a personal life lesson put to music; the remaining tracks on the EP may be different in subject matter, but the theme of “I learned this in my twenties” remains.    

How long did you spend recording the tracks for Confetti? 

Seven years! Not combined, thank goodness. All songs except Confetti were recorded day of session, some songs are just older than others. 

How does it feel to be labelled the one to watch by Billboard and Live Nation? 

Like I’m being watched!

What was it like to work with Ed Cash and Andrew McMahon? 

Life-changing. Ed is my reason for being in Nashville, forgoing college, and learning music production. Andrew was my first big artist cut and first tour. Both are exceptional humans and patient teachers and friends. 

You’ve earned ad campaigns with Swarovski and HBO how did they both come about? 

Still waiting on my crystals from Swarovski (haha!), I don’t exactly remember how that commercial happened but so honored. HBO actually came to us, me and my cowriter, Matt Bronleewe, to use our song “Get Ready” for a teaser. That kind of opportunity is very rare and very fun and I may or may not have squealed every time I saw the ad. 

When your songwriting, where does your inspiration come from? 

A myriad of things. In 2020, I’ve tried to just write what I feel so I can work through the emotions, like therapy. My therapist tells me it does not substitute therapy. Rats. 

What was it like to sign with Justin Timberlake’s artists development company, Villa 40? 

A whirlwind of “Is this really happening?!” and “No, I cannot get you free Justin Timberlake tickets.”

Would you like to move into acting weather if be movies or a series for amazon, Disney or Netflix?

Oh, yes, I’d love that!  My inner theatre kid is dying for a chance to try acting onscreen. I’d love to create a musical/film experience someday.  

What artists inspire you and what music are you currently streaming? 

Peter Gabriel is always my first, I love his voice and music. Imogen Heap is a close second, Tori Amos, Coldplay, Arcade Fire. Now that we’re in September, I’ve gravitated toward nostalgic, autumnal music. The self-titled Bon Iver album is a favorite of mine, along with The National’s Boxer record. 

What have you missed the most this year during the COVID pandemic? 

London. Playing shows. Seeing people smile out in the wild. 

 Can we expect any tours from you In the future (when it’s safe to do so) ?

Definitely. I cried watching School of Rock because I hadn’t seen a live audience in so long. Also, it’s Jack Black. I love Jack Black. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

On my list of to-dos: create some lovely visuals to accompany the Confetti EP release, eat my feelings during holidays,get my wisdom teeth removed. Yippee to the latter. 

Final messages? 

Just a giant thank you for having me and a thank you to those of you who’ve listened to my music. I appreciate you!