James Morrison

James Morrison

Music Promotions is very excited to interview the incredibly talented James Morrison about his new album and up coming tour and much more 

See what James has to say in the full interview below.


What is the story behind your single Feels Like The First Time? 

Feels like the first time is just a pop song. I liked the play on words, but it does have a lot of truth in it.

Every time you get beyond the best you can give and it gets hard, I’d think I can’t do this anymore, it’s the last time. But then every time I’d try again and it would feel so good still when it was right. So yeah that’s what it’s about . It reminds me of Motown.


You filmed a live video of the single at Manchester’s Ornate and the Albert Hall what was it like for you as an artist to perform at such iconic venues?


I love that venue. Manchester Apollo is not only an iconic venue because of all the great and famous bands and musicians have played there... but equally it’s a lush venue to play because of how it sounds. I loved it. I could hear everything – and you look up at those windows and the arches and it makes it feel really special 

And Manchester always bring a strong vibe as an audience so I’m always exited to be there with music.


What was the inspiration behind your current album Your Stronger Than You Know? 


Hard times and the struggles, but the positive outcome after being strong and doing things you thought you could never do and having faith. Holding on to the one thing that gets you trough. It’s about perseverance, believing inand holding on to your truth, self acceptance. It’s a bunch of songs I collected whilst living through all that .


How long did you spend writing and recording this album? 


I’ve spent the last 4 years collecting songs, I wrote 1 of them 10 years ago. But from having the songs in demo form to recording what’s on the record took two weeks, a week in the studio and a week doing overdubs. I liked it that way, I wanted to do it without hesitation, more feeling that thinking.


Who inspires you as an artist? 


People inspire me. Good raps with good lyrics, just great music. Whether it’s rock or classical or reggae or even sometimes jazz. I get inspired by simplicity, nature inspires me, I really love choirs and harmonies. So gospel music, spiritual music too. Good art inspires me. Bill hicks. Films, good stories, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Al green, Van Morrison. People who express their spirit when they sing 


What can we expect from your upcoming tour? 


Don’t have any expectations, they may ruin a good time! Just go knowing I’m gonna give it my all to make you feel something, to laugh or cry – just have a great night enjoying classic music. My band are top notch it’ll be abanging show!


You recorded a duet with Joss Stone what was it like working with her? 


Joss was like a spring breeze, it was a pleasure hanging out with her and it didn’t feel like work at all.

Wish there were more artistes with the same spirit and voice. But there’s not so …… just enjoy 😉 


Have you any other duets planned?


Well…. probably, I love them! I will definitely be working on a song with my daughter one day, she has the best little voice I’ve heard on a girl, we will do a father daughter song.


Have you any live summer festivals lined up?


I’ve got a few festivals nicely sprinkled across Europe and the uk over the summer. Looking forward to doing Glastonbury!


What have been your career highs so far?


Doing the stax night at the Albert hall is up there for me, playing with Booker T and Steve cropper and hanging out with Eddie Floyd and hearing so many stories was unforgettable. The first time I did Jools Holland, Top of the Pops, the Concert for Diana, singing with Tom Jones for Children In Need, World peace day concert, and singing with Joss Stone on my last single.


Would you like to move into movies in the future? 


Oh definitely … I can just see myself now, the new Tom hardy. Nowhere near as good but a lot cheaper.


What is next for you?


Next for me is two gigs with Kodaline in Dublin, It’s gonna be a right craic.  


Any final messages? 


If youre gonna do something – just do it, hold on to that inner you and let it shine. Keep your game & don’t get distracted by negative thoughts, worrying is pointless. Enjoy the good times, don’t have too many expectations and live in the moment. I think that’s it …. Oh, and buy my album you’ll love it!