Jazz Morley Interview

Meet Jazz Morley, an artist which a huge future in front of her, from performing at Hyde Park with Michael Buble and Celine Dion to the Royal Albert Hall as the support to Lisa Stansfield and the legend that is Elton John giving her high praise on his Beats radio show, she spoke to Music Promotions to discuss Elton John, touring, more music, her sell out London show and much more.

You have just come off your tour with Lisa Stansfield, what was it like? 

It was amazing, it was the first tour I have been on where I’ve performed at every show for the whole routing and being on the bus was a really fun experience; I made the most of it. 

Have you any more tour plans before the end of the year? 

I’m not going on tour again this year, but I do have my headline show at Omeara on the 26th November in London which is going to be pretty amazing – it’s now completely sold out; I can’t wait for that. 

Elton John gave you some incredible feedback on his Beats radio show, how did that feel for you to hear that from him someone so iconic? 

Really amazing, Elton John has been one of my inspirations since I was a kid, so to hear him say that about me was breath-taking.  He said such wonderful things, maybe one day I can meet him, he’s a musical icon and such an interesting guy. 

What was it like to perform two amazing shows at Hyde Park? 

I loved Hyde Park.  The first year I supported Michael Bublé and the second year was Celine Dion, both of them were amazing, they are both such incredible performers.  The event itself is so well run, they look after you so well, nothing is a problem.  For me it was a brilliant day out as well as an opportunity to perform on one of the stages, a really fun, great experience. 

For anyone who has yet to see you perform live, can you give them a little taster of what to expect? 

My songs are all written from a very honest place, some of the set is pretty emotional there are some really big songs as well… it’s a nice mix of soulful and electronic and songs that people can sing along to; I hope I can take my audience on an emotional rollercoaster to be honest. 

How would you describe your music? 

‘Honest’, my work is both from the heart and soulful, those are the words I would use. 

Is your EP ‘Parallel World’ fully released now? 

Whilst most of the EP is out now, there are a couple of songs left to come from it. Watch this space!

Will there be another EP or will you be releasing a full-length album? 

I am hopefully going to be doing my debut album next year, so that is exciting. I have a few more things to sort out, but that’s very much the plan. I have wanted to do this for so long, putting some of my older songs and newer songs side by side into a piece of art that makes sense; all on one album. It is going to be an amazing thing to do. 

Who inspires you musically? 

From a young age, it was artists like Whitney HoustonAretha Franklin, legendary soulful singers. I also grew up listening to people like Fleetwood MacJeff BuckleyAnnie Lennox and – of course –Elton John.  For me, the most important thing is the song and the way the lyrics are delivered.  A truly soulful voice is what grabs my attention. I love songs that are written from the heart, from a very honest place. I’m a sucker for sad songs.  I have lots of influences but for me what is crucial is how the songs are sung and, of course, the quality of the song itself. 

Any plans to write with other artists? 

At the moment, I am concentrating on my own music, but I do write for other people sometimes.  A few of my own songs were written with other people, and it can be a fun process.  As regards writing with other artists, I guess I’m really concentrating on myself right now!  But, certainly, I’m not ruling it out in the future; I’d love to work with other artists on their projects as I do just love the art of songwriting. 

Anyone in the charts currently you’d like to record with? 

Mark Ronson is a genius, he can write with all sorts of people, all sorts of genres.  There is something amazing about all the stuff he releases; I would love to get into the studio with him. 

The streaming data for your music is phenomenal; do you think streaming platforms help artists get music out there? 

I think there are two sides to this; firstly, it enables a lot of people to release music so, technically, you can get your music out there easily. Secondly, however, it does mean that there is a huge amount of music for people to listen to so it makes it that much harder to rise to the top of a much bigger pool.

What is coming up for the rest of this year? 

I have my show in London on the 26th, and I am doing some more writing then, when December comes along, I think I am going to sleep! [Laughs]